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8 Sure shot steps to get an easy entry into Canada

Canada is an amazing place to visit. The beautiful vistas, gorgeously constructed winding roads, wild animals, exciting locales, cosmopolitan cities and other amazing destinations combine together to provide this place with the charm and brilliance loved by tourists.

It goes without saying that travel to any new destination can be overwhelming if you do not have guidance. In case of Canada too, you need to hire services of an expert Canada travel guide with regards to charting out your Canada itinerary, arranging for hotel bookings and most importantly, helping you in the Canada visa process.

Remember that Canada tourism cannot be experienced without getting hold of a Canada visit visa. Hence, your Canada visa agency or travel guide can be a perfect source to guide you in the process.

Provided below are important steps and information related to obtaining a Canada tourist visa in Dubai.

1.Checking eligibility

Canada travel and tourism has simplified the process to obtain a visa from anywhere across the world. If you intend to get a Canada visa in Dubai, first checking if you require and eTA is mandatory. Canada government has made it imperative for non US residents or those not carrying a Canada passport to fulfill the eTA criteria for visiting this country.

The consulate website will provide information about eTA to applicants. You need to check your eligibility on this website with regards to eTA requirements.

2.Online application for eTA

You will need your valid passport for applying online. You are required to pay a small fee of CAD $ 7 via your credit card. Your email address used while application needs to be valid. Application is allowed for one person only at one time. For example, when a family of 3 is considered, application forms will be required to be submitted thrice.

3.Gather documentation

Applicants need to furnish photocopies of their valid passport or documents for travel that contain passport number, date of issuance or passport along with expiry date. You will also require 2 photographs and fill in your exact name, birth date and place of birth. You will also need to furnish financial statements that act as proof that you are capable of providing financial support to yourself and family (if visiting with you) while you stay in Canada. If you currently reside in Dubai; however, your permanent residency is some other country as per your passport, then providing legal status in the current residence country will be necessitated.

4.Other relevant information

You will need to state everything related to your stay or travel in Canada. This will include the invitation letter or any other supporting documents from your host residing in Canada. This will be in regards to Canada business visa.

In case of Canada tourist visa, you will need to provide flight and travel itinerary along with hotel booking details. If you possess travel insurance, this also needs to be provided. If you plan to attend some program or event, registrations for the same need to be provided.

5.In case of minors

If the applicant is a minor who will travel alone or along with a single parent, then custody or consent letter provided by parent who does not accompany minor will be required. If minor travels alone, then consent letter of both parents along with photocopies of their passports will be needed.

6.Medical exam and police verification

You as an applicant or other applicants from your family who intend to travel with you to Canada will need a medical examination if necessary. Additionally, certificates from police might also be required if asked for. Visa office informs applicants if these aspects are needed to be fulfilled.

7.Checking status

You can easily track your eTA application status across the website of Consulate or from where you applied online. You will need to fill in some details regarding your passport number etc. to get this information.

8.Document return process

If your Canada visit visa is approved, your documents such as passport and other originals will be returned. These documents do not include original financial statements or fraudulent documents if any. A stamped visa will be rendered to successful applicants.

Note: If your documentation is not correct, or if the information provided by you is found to be incorrect, you may have to face Canada visa rejection. The visa office provides information about why your application for Canada visa is rejected.

Following all the above mentioned steps can guarantee that your Canada tourism endeavors will be successful. However, as mentioned earlier, taking expert guidance from Canada visa agency or some other travel expert will ensure that this process is always moving in the right direction. So taking guidance from experts is always the right move if you intend to enjoy the blissful and amazing locales in Canada and spend a delightful time with family or friends in this country.

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