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Get Hypnotized by The Gorgeous Beaches in Canada For Summer Vacation

The beaches in Canada are one of the best-kept secrets. You will definitely be surprised with the amount of sand and seashells considering the size of the country. The exotic beaches are home to mind-blowing beach resorts in Canada. We recommend you to visit these beaches in Canada for summer vacation for a wonderful experience during your Canadian holidays. Many of the Canada beaches are so beautiful that any beach goer would easily term it as world-class. We have prepared a list which has the list of the finest Canada beaches which truly deserves a visit during your holidays in Canada.

1.Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach

Home to the longest freshwater beach in the world. This 14km long beach in Ontario is a popular summer destination among visitors and tourists. There are eight beach areas in the provincial park which hosts many great events all through the year including the Wasaga Beach Fest, the Wasaga Blues Fest, and the Wasaga Beach Short Film Festival. You can just stroll down the boardwalk or grab a quick bite at one of beach town’s local restaurants or purchasing some of the souvenirs at the local shops. Cool off in the waters or relax on the sand at Georgian Bay or even get down to some exercise by indulging in a game of beach volleyball.

The Wasaga beach has been restored and renovated after a major fire ripped through the main street in 2007. This is probably the Canadian version of the Daytona Beach or Fort Lauderdale in the US. This is a popular spot for several students in the surrounding areas as it is the closes hangout spot for some good time.

2.Singing Sands, Basin Head Provincial Park

Singing Sands, Basin Head Provincial Park

This beach is popular to a unique swishing sound whenever the wind swirls or when a visitor strolls down the beach. Scientists are still figuring out the reasons for such a strange sounds coming from the beach. Although many say it is the consistency and the texture of the quartz sand. Explore the warmest waters through this 800-km stretch sandbar. During daytime, you can check out the play area, shower facilities, delicious food counters, washroom amenities, and the Basin Head Fisheries Museum.

3.Brady’s Beach

Brady’s Beach

Situated in British Columbia, the Brady’s beach has received a big tourism boost by Alberta investor named Jack Purdy. Many of its areas are yet to be explored and this $60 million investment will surely raise the tourism in this area. This is at present one of the secluded areas on the Pacific Ocean which is accessible only by float plane, ferry or an unpaved logging road. The beach is all set to host the Music by the Sea festival from July 6th to 14th this year. Engulfed by the Pacific National Park, the beach is one of the unique communities you will find in Canada. Some of the other popular features are the rugged coastline, scuba diving facilities, and fresh water. The beach is very close to the Barkley Sound Islands which is home to several bald eagles and sea lions.

4.Ingonish Beach

Ingonish Beach

Located in Nova Scotia, a natural barrier divides the salt water from the Atlantic and the fresh water steaming from the rivers on the island. So, you can either dive into the ocean or the lake depending on your choice. Explore the warm waters and the spaciousness of this beautiful beach. Admire the scenic beauty as you get on a wonderful cruise for whale watching along with salt-water & fresh-water fishing, and other swimming options on the Cabot Trail.

5.Long Beach

The spring and summer seasons brings more than twenty-thousand grey whales migrate to this coast. You can indulge in whale watching tours which operate from Tofino and the nearby Ucluelet. The best time to visit this beach is from July to September as the area receives plenty of rain due to its temperate rainforest. Want a more thrilling experience, do indulge in some storm watching. Also home to awe-inspiring scenic views, this beach offers a stunning environment along the Pacific Rim National Park. Other popular destinations to check out nearby is the enchanting Wickaninnish Inn.



No matter what your desire is, the Sandbanks has everything a beach lover would ever want. With swimming, boating, windsurfing facilities, this is often termed as a paradise for the water babies. Golden dunes in the beach form the two largest freshwater sandbars in the world. This beach also hosts several popular events that features great wine, maple syrup, and cheese coupled with fishing, antiques, bluegrass music and quilts. For hiking addicts, the Woodlands Trail and the Cedar Sands Trail would be a pleasant surprise.

7.Martinique Beach

Martinique Beach

Indulge in some hot barbeque and picnic spots within five kilometers onto the beach. The gorgeous sandbar and beautiful beach attracts several surfers, swimmers, and beachcombers from across the globe. Home to several different species of birds and is one of the protected areas for the endangered piping plyover. Apart from that you can also enjoy some time with the friendly seals who occasionally greet the onlookers with a buzz. The warm waters during the summers makes it an ideal spot for diving lovers.

8.Grand Beach in Manitoba

Grand Beach in Manitoba

Spread over 3-kilometers of beautiful landscapes, you will be in for a surprise as many dunes on this beach are as high as 12 meters. You can also check out the ancient beloved boardwalk which was built in the year 1930. One of the best places for wander for a sunset stroll. You can also indulge in some beach volleyball on the beach. A popular spot for picking up fresh berries along the way. June to August will give you some ripe Saskatoon berries, Chokecherries, and Blueberries.

It is almost impossible to list all the stunning beaches in Canada in one article. Some of the notable omissions in this list are Devonshire beach, Parksville beach, Sauble beach, Carter’s beach, Kelly’s beach, Bennett beach, Wreck Beach Vancouver, and much more. One thing is rest assured, you are in for a treat during your Canadian holidays by visiting these stunning beaches during the summer season. Apart from the beaches, you can also visit the stunning Canadian lakes during the summer holidays.

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