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Savor the Festivities with The Best Places to Travel this Ramadan

The Ramadan is a season which needs to be devoted TO prayer and fast, but one can always bring a little variety in their life to enjoy a unique and different Ramadan experience, then this is the place to be. There is a host of places to travel this Ramadan which will encompass you in the festivities and celebrations of Ramadan that you would really feel at home. The best places to travel carry the aura of an Iftar season and one should follow certain etiquette like where to eat, the local restaurants to visit, and places to visit in preferred clothing. We have listed some travel destinations which one should consider if you are planning to travel during the month of Ramadan.

1.Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai welcomes tourists from all around the globe every season, but you will experience something special when you plan a visit to Dubai during the Ramadan season. Dubai offers several standard tourist amenities and the tourists have an option to participate and be a part of the special Ramadan events that are organized by the local government. These events are aimed at educating and providing insight to the general public the true meaning of celebrating the Ramadan festival. The declaration of Iftar is welcomed by a sound of cannons. Ramadan Majlis, which are primarily Arabic tents are constructed in several major hotels. These Majlis come decorated with ornate cushions and floored with Persian carpets to host the Iftar meal every evening. The Iftar meal offers a great variety of cuisines which reflect the Arab culture. These meals are consumed after the sunset prayers and are followed by the celebrations. Dubai is the first place one should consider as the services offered for the non-fasters is much more than any other destination in this world. Do try the Harees, the local delicacy which consists of delicious fushion of shredded lamb and boiled wheat and is served on a wooden press.

2.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is a special place to visit during the Ramadan season as it features a special food market and bazaars which sell a wide variety of traditional delicacies, snacks, and desserts. Something which is a true reflection of the diverse culture existing in Malaysia. These markets is a wonderful place to experience the local culture and to interact with the locals and people who fast. Many tourists do get a rare opportunity to participate and be a part of the celebrations with the locals and their families. The celebrations feature local traditional dances. The Mosques here in Kuala Lumpur reflect the fusion of traditional design with a dressing of modern architecture. Some of the local delicacies which you should try during the Ramadan season in the food market are Nasi Dagagn, Bubu Lambuk, Curry Laksa, Roti Canai, Nasi Kandar, and Satay.

3.Istanbul, Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

This city carries the flavor of Islamic culture since the Ottoman Empire era and the celebrations are true to its roots during the Ramadan season. The Iftar tents are subsidized by the local government to ensure people do not compromise on the celebrations of this grand Islamic festival. The city’s public places are filled with vigor and spiritual celebrations which feature open markets, stalls where people can purchase traditional snacks, local ornaments, and religious books. There are public readings of the Qu’ran also held at these open markets. Apart from these, you have local street performances of traditional folk dances and shadow puppets. The Istanbul’s Blue Mosque gives you a deep insight about the Muslim faith and is best visited by tourists and visitors during the Ramadan season. Some of the special Ramadan delicacies which you should try during this season are Kahvalti, Durum, Turk kahvesi, Kavurma, Yufka, Sucuk, Simit, Kunefe, Firin Sulac, Fasulye, Bal, and Icli kofte.

4.Cairo, Egypt

Landmark of the famous ancient castle in Cairo Egypt
Cairo has been a place where several ancient civilizations were born and raised which has given rise to a mixed cultural heritage to this place. During the Ramadan season, the homes, streets, and restaurants are decorated with Ramadan lanterns which are a reflection of the local population embracing the Islamic roots of the city. These lanterns at lit at sunset which marks the end of the fast period of the day and are turned off when the sun rises. The place is vibrant during the Iftar meal with bustling crowds in the streets. The city is blessed with historic Islamic architecture and you can feel the aura and vibrant celebrations at these historic sites. Some of the best dishes to try are Konafa, Atayef, and Mahshi.

5.Fes, Morocco

Fes Morocco
One of the hubs of the Muslim culture in Fes is the Old Medina. This ancient walled city embraces the Muslim culture and history while carrying the modern ambiance of a city. The Al Qarawiyyin is the oldest university in the world and the various Mosques give you an insight into the Muslim culture. The Iftar party is a wonderful opportunity to mix and interact with the local Muslim population and taste the traditional Moroccan Iftar delicacies like the Chebakia, Sellou, B’stilla or Pastilla, B’ssara and Harrira, and Tagine with couscous. There is a charm and aura around these places which makes it rare and cannot be replicated in other places. You can also participate in the family filed funfairs in the public squares which feature light and music shows. Like Dubai, a fired cannon is an indication to the public for breaking and ending a fast.

Enjoy the best of the Ramadan festivities as you embrace the Muslim culture and heritage and participate in the local festivities of every region. Connect with our travel experts to get the best deals and experience of the Ramadan season.

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