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List of Canada Public Holidays 2023

The second largest country in the world and the largest country in the North American continent, Canada is divided into several provinces and territories. The country is home to some of the most diverse and dramatic landscapes and geographical conditions. Moreover, the city has some of the most interesting cities and cultures you have ever seen. The best part is that there is something to do in Canada during all seasons, be it the warm summer or the snowy winter. If you are planning a holiday in Canada, knowing about the dates of these holidays would be helpful. Let us look at the Canada public holidays 2023.

1.New Year’ Day: January 01′ 2023

new year celebration in Canada


The New Year in Canada begins with a public holiday. While January 1st is a holiday for most people in the country, 31st December is a working day. Still, New Year parties begin on 31st night. People celebrate the New Year at their homes or at bars and nightclubs. There are music concerts, fireworks and other such celebrations on New Year’s Eve, in major cities of Canada. The parties go on till wee hours of January 1. Most people rest on New Year’s Day to recover from the revelry of the previous night. On the other hand, there are people who take this opportunity to enjoy the snow by taking part in winter activities.

2.Good Friday: April 15′ 2023


Good Friday is a solemn occasion for Christian community worldwide. Christians in Canada commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. On this day, Christians in Canada attend mass at church and spend the day in a sombre manner through quiet prayer. While some go on a fast, others avoid meat and alcohol on this particular day. On the other hand, Canadians who are not Christians consider the Good Friday holiday as a long weekend and go on a short holiday with family and friends. Good Friday is a public holiday for all provinces and territories of Canada, except Quebec. Schools, public offices, stores, etc. in Quebec may or may not be open on Good Friday.

3.Easter Sunday and Easter Monday: April 17 and April 18′ 2023

While Good Friday is an occasion for grieving, Easter is a day of celebration, which venerated the day Jesus was resurrected. For Christians in Canada, Easter begins with going to the church followed by elaborate lunch with family and friends. Easter egg hunt, Easter egg decorations, Easter craft contests, etc. are few of the interesting activities that happen on Easter Sunday. The celebrations of Easter continue to the next day as well, and most provinces and territories of Canada enjoy a holiday on Easter Monday as well. It is the day to relax, eat the remaining Easter eggs and have a good time in general.

4.Victoria Day: May 23′ 2023


Canadians celebrate Victoria Day on the Monday before May 25. In 2023, Victoria Day falls on May 23rd, and this day is celebrated in the honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. The day is celebrated as National Patriots Day in Quebec. On Victoria Day, you would get to see some fabulous fireworks in most cities, especially Victoria in British Columbia, which is a city named after the renowned Queen. Notable parades are also something that one should not miss in Canada on Victoria Day. Apart from the celebrations, Victoria Day marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring or summer season. Several summer attractions reopen during the Victoria Day weekend in Canada.

5.Canada Day: July 1′ 2023

Canada Day, previously known as Dominion Day, was the day when the country became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain, in July 1′ 1987. It is a statutory holiday for the entire country. If July 1 falls on a Sunday, most provinces declare a public holiday on July 2. Municipal governments of most cities and towns in Canada mark this occasion with amazing celebrations by arranging parades, pancake breakfasts, fireworks display, concerts, carnivals, citizenship ceremonies, etc. If you want to be a part of the most amazing celebrations, the capital city of Ottawa is a place to visit on this day.

6.Labour Day: September 5′ 2023


Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labour Day in September is a day for campaigning and celebrating equal rights for workers. In 2023, Labour Day falls on September 5. On this day, trade unions organize parades and picnics throughout the country. Also, as it is a part of a long weekend, many Canadians go on a holiday, especially to their summer cottages, where they can enjoy fairs, picnics, fireworks and festivals with the families and friends. For most students, it is the last day to party before the beginning of the new academic year.

7.Thanksgiving Day: October 10′ 2023

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday of October, and it would be on October 10 in 2023. It is the day when people thank for a good year of harvest and all the other blessings. It is a holiday that is celebrated with family. Family reunions are quite the norm on Canada’s Thanksgiving Day. Elaborate feasts with dishes including roast turkey, pecan nuts, pumpkin and corn ears, etc. can be commonly seen on this day. Apart from this, people enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, etc. as Thanksgiving is the last holiday before winter sets in. Moreover, the beauty of the Canadian fall attracts everyone to spend more time outdoors during the Thanksgiving weekend.

8.Remembrance Day: November 11′ 2023


November 11 is officially observed as Remembrance Day in Canada, a day in the memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during wars. Red poppies are the main symbol for Remembrance Day. People wear artificial poppies on their clothes weeks before November 11. On Remembrance Day, special church services happen throughout the country. Wreaths and poppies are laid at every grave at war memorials. While it is a statutory holiday in Canada, not all provinces have a holiday on this day. Schools that stay open on this day hold special lessons, presentations and assemblies on armed conflicts for the students.

9.Christmas Day: December 25′ 2023

Christmas in Calgary

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in Canada. World over, this is a festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. For Canadians, Christmas is a family affair celebrated with delicious food, get-togethers and exchange of gifts. Canadian Christians attend special church services on Christmas Day and even on Christmas Eve. Consumption of large quantities of food is a part of the Christmas tradition for many. Lunch or dinner comprise of large meals that include roast turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables and gravy. Pumpkin pie or Christmas pudding makes for the dessert. Overall, Christmas in Canada is a day to make merry.

10.Boxing Day: December 26′ 2023


The day after Christmas, i.e. Boxing Day is a statutory holiday for most people in Canada. The tradition of Boxing Day goes to the olden times, when the servants of the household would get a holiday and a gift box on the day after Christmas. Boxing Day is a day to relax after all the festivities of the previous day. It is also a great time to shop, as most retail stores host Boxing Week sales, starting December 26 until New Year’s Eve. Another popular thing to do on Boxing Day, among Canadians, is to watch important sporting events like ice hockey championships on television.

Apart from these 10 days, certain territories and provinces of Canada have extra holidays for some special occasions. Make sure to check the calendars of these places if you plan to visit them. Remember that several attractions and stores in Canada remain closed on statutory or public holidays.

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