Your Complete Guide to Fulfilling Your Shopping Cravings in Canada

Canada is not only popular for maple syrup and bacon, it has captured the imagination of many tourists and visitors from all over the world. The Rocky Mountains cliffs and the harsh winters make your trip all the more memorable. Considering the foreign land of the Rocky Mountains cliffs and the harsh winters, foreign tourists are often left wondering where & what to buy in Canada. Explore the five main cities of Canada: Ontario, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Quebec offers indispensable experiences which would be the highlight of your Canadian tour. We have prepared a list which would act as a Canada shopping guide and help you

1. Shopping Experience in Canada

Shopping is one of the greatest experience to track down great finds through buying and bargain hunting. Explore the upscale neighborhoods to small boutiques to the biggest mega-malls in the world, Canada offers some of the best places to shop. Toronto, being one of the top cities of Canada offers a wonderful experience for all shopping addicts. Shopping is definitely considered to be one of the top things to do in Toronto. Explore the best of Canadian design from buffalo hide messenger bags to authentic cowboy hats to top shoe brands that were adorned by Madonna’s feet. The amazing variety of local items to international likings, you will often wonder what to buy in Canada, as the shopping malls in Canada just keep adding to your temptation list.

2. Iconic Canadian white hats

Canadian White Hats Shopping - Calgary

Step into the streets of Calgary and you will find the iconic white hats all around you. Home to a great collection of straw, western and fashion hats, these cowboy hats have been worn by many iconic personalities such as the Dalai Lama and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Choose among the mounted police force hats and the rain hats at the Hat Junkie in Nova Scotia’s Lunenburg.

3. Canada gifted in a bottle

Canada Gifted in a Bottle - Alberta’s Highwood Distillers

The popular Nova Scotia’s Ironworks Distillery, a 19th-century production house produces a major chunk of the local fruits – blueberry and cranberry liqueurs, pear eau de vie, Apple brandy, and much more. The Arbutus Distillery located in the Vancouver Islands adds a lemon flavor to the Empiric Gin and botanicals from its own gardens to the Baba Yaga absinthe. You can also purchase wild whiskeys such as cherry, cinnamon, ginger lime, and maple in Alberta’s Highwood Distillers.

4. Canadian Leather

Leather Shopping Montreal Street

Entering the streets of Montreal, you will not be able to leave without purchasing some leather. M0851’s cutting edge leather jackets, outerwear, bags, and accessories will leave you in double minds considering the quality and variety available at your disposal. There are close to 22 concepts stores which also sells their fully designed items. Some of the other popular brands are Alberta Fine Leathers and Hides in Hand in Ontario.

5. Exclusive Fashion stores

Fashion stores in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is the original birthplace of the Angel boots that define the Grunge look. Apart from this, you will also find the flagship store of Kit and Ace in Gaston, which manufactures lifestyle gear in so-called technical cashmere. Joe Fresh which had launched affordable and stylish fashion wear within Real Canadian Superstores and Atlantic Superstores in the year 2006 has today more than 14 exclusive stores in Canada.

6. The Precious Yellow metal

Blue Ruby Jewelry store in Vancouver

The Yellowknife’s Gallery of the Midnight Sun offers you an admirable collection of Canadian diamonds. Popular artists such as Jamie Look have recreated the magic from materials such as bison horn and muskox, whalebone, and caribou antler. The Olson Silver Company in High River offers a great selection. The Blue Ruby Jewelry store in Vancouver offers a wonderful collection from several local and international designers.

7. Outdoor Equipment

MEC Strores in Canada

The Mountain Equipment Co-op was formed in the year 1971 for the purpose of introducing low-cost mountain equipment very similar to its American counterpart REI. MEC runs in more than 18 cities across Canada and the membership costs only $5. Only members of MEC are allowed to purchase anything at the stores. The subscriber base has already touched 4.5 million members from all around the world including locals in Canada.

8. Canadian Milk Chocolate

Wunderbar, Aero, Crispy Crunch, and Caramilk Canadian Chocolates

Some of the popular brands of Canadian milk chocolate are Smarties, Wunderbar, Aero, Crispy Crunch, and Caramilk, etc. The textures of the candy bars may be different, but the Canadian milk chocolate is much creamier and sweeter in comparison to its American cousin. Even the Canadian version of many popular American brands like Kit Kat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have a creamier and sweeter than their American counterparts.

9. Winter wear and other traditional items

Canada Winter Wear

Hand-knitted Cowichan sweater uses popular European knitting techniques with First Nations motifs like eagles, salmon, and orca. Check out the Cowichan Trading in Victoria and explore these thick sweaters that are knitted in vibrant and natural colored yarns. The Victoria’s Royal BC Museum sells books about the First National rich history and heritage such as carving and plant technologies. Vancouver’s Lattimer Gallery showcases an awesome collection of bentwood boxes of gold and silver jewelry, masks and prints.

Canada offers a great shopping experience to all kinds of travelers. The variety and quality of products available is unmatched and the tourists and visitors are surely expected to have a wonderful experience irrespective whether they are purchasing something from high-end malls or from the streets. We offer you the complete guide of what you should carry back home to greet your loved ones.

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