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Your Handy Guide to that Perfect Winter Vacation in Canada

Niagara Falls may be the most frequented tourist destination in Canada (the jury is still out on which side has the better view), but if you really want to explore the country in detail, you’ll be amazed by the range of diversity. Canada is touted as a great example of multiculturalism and its influence is visible in the cuisine, lifestyle, and overall vibe of the country. The country offers a plethora of tourist activities all throughout the year. If you are visiting planning a Canada winter vacation, checkout these interesting guide on tourist attractions and things to do.

1.Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Well, the place that attracts over 30 million tourists annually deserves to be on the top of the list. Niagara Falls attracts tourists from all over the world, but the spectacle is mesmerizing and breathtaking in the winters. There are a number of shops and eateries near the Niagara Falls which offer quality food and snacks. You can take a little bit of Niagara Falls with you by buying souvenirs from the venue. Considering the high cost of living in Canada, it’s better if you keep your Niagara Falls visit to a day affair.


Lunenburg, Canada

A picturesque downtown with a strong archaic architecture and port, Lunenburg in Nova Scotia is a tourist attraction that’s preserved its traditional culture while adapting to the grinds of the urbane living. While visiting Lunenburg, you can’t help but notice a strong sense of community among the fishermen community whose ancestors have called the place home for over three centuries. While Lunenburg can be visited all year long, during the month of July, the laidback town comes truly alive with its array of festivals, including Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival and Lunenburg Street Festival.

3.Eastern Townships

Eastern Townships, Canada

What to see in Canada during winters? Simple, Eastern Townships – the place has a history to it and it is quite palpable when one visits the place. A large number of people in Canada speak French, and if you want to have that distinctive flavor of language, food, culture, and other idiosyncrasies in North America, Eastern Townships in Quebec are the place to go to.

Eastern Townships are a tourist attraction all throughout the year, and visiting the vineyards and organic farms is a favorite tourist activity in this part of the country. The adventurous kind can have a shot at skiing and snowmobiling. Summers and winters are packed with tourists; if you are looking for a bit of a silent retreat, fall may be the time for you.

4.The Discovery Islands

The Discovery Islands, Canada

You may not heard of the Discovery Islands from friends or relatives who have visited Canada before – the reason being these beautiful islands can only be reached through a kayak. However, these hidden gems are too magnificent to be ignored. While winters may not be the best time to visit the Discovery Islands owing to the chill, you can have a beautiful experience during the summers. While getting to the place may be a bit tedious, commute options abound. You can rent a bike and explore the beautiful surroundings at your own pace.


Churchill in Manitoba, Canada

If you don’t already know this, Churchill in Manitoba is the polar bear capital of the world. Although you may have to wait till August next year to meet the famous visitors, as they migrate by the end of November. Churchill is also the place to meet beluga whales who arrive here during the summers. However, considering the popularity of this place, especially during the winters, it’s recommended that you make reservations with tour operators.

Other places that are frequented by tourists include,

  • Agawa Canyon
  • Cape Breton
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake

While visiting tourist attractions is a great way of making the most of your Canada trip, it’s also important to think of your stomach! Big Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, etc. have a number of restaurants that are renowned globally for their offerings. If you are wondering what to eat in Canada, consider these top 10 restaurants in Canada for a delicious food outing.

  • Buca Yorkville
  • Initiale
  • Joe Beef
  • DandyLion
  • Bar Isabel
  • Nota Bene
  • Boulud
  • DaiLo
  • Model Milk
  • Mallard Cottage

We hope the information presented in this article helps you plan ahead so that you and your loved ones have a fabulous time in Canada. If you know of any special things to do or any hidden gems to visit, do let our readers know about it.

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