Incredible Romantic Getaways in Canada

Romance is often about little things like sharing your meal or taking a small walk or just looking into each other eyes. But you must give credit to the romantic destination which sets the tone. The weather in Canada is icy and cold, but you will find several heartwarming romantic spots in Canada. With several romantic getaways in Canada, you never need to worry about small things that trigger the romantic moments that you have always craved for. Now you can book your Canada visa online and enjoy romantic Canada vacations with your dear one. Below are some of the best romantic spots in Canada.

1. Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria has featured in every survey as one of the favorite romantic destinations in Canada. It offers a perfect romantic atmosphere for you to have some personal moments with your dear one. If you heading for a date, some of the things which you should try out are playing board games while sipping a latte at Interactivity Board Game Café or try kayaking with your partner or fine dine at the popular 10 Acres Kitchen.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is popular for its romantic atmosphere or weekend getaways. For a perfect date with your sweetheart, you can head to the Vancouver TheatreSports League for a fusion of music, props, and classic narratives or grab a quick bite at the Japadog cart or participate in classic festivals like the Photography Festival or the Eco Fashion Week.

3. Lake Louise-Banff, Alberta

Lake Louise-Banff, Alberta

Stunning scenery, fresh mountain air, and feeling of grace that makes its entry into your wild imagination when you think about romantic spots in the world. You have to definitely count it as one of the most romantic destinations in Canada. Some of the major attractions include Banff upper hot springs, dog sledding, tubing, Lake Louise Gondola, and some fine wine and dining spots like the Three Ravens Restaurant & Wine Bar, Maclab Bistro, etc.

4. Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Placed in the center of Cape Breton Island, this location is popular to the fresh air from the Bras d’Or Lake and easy access to the popular Cabot Trail. For a weekend getaway or a honeymoon destination in Canada, Baddeck definitely should be on top of your list. Major tourist attractions include the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site, adventurous activities to indulge like kayaking, and some fine wine and dining restaurants like the Bite House.

5. Windsor, Nova Scotia

Windsor, Nova Scotia

Windsor has played host to quirky pumpkin weighing contests and is often referred as the birthplace of hockey. There is no better place to land your first kiss than this romantic town. Popular tourist attractions include Ski Martock, Avon River Days festival, and some fine wine and dining spots like Cocoa Pesto.

6. Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney Nova Scotia

Placed on Cape Breton, the wind-whipped boardwalks and the beautiful lighthouses give rise to a captivating and romantic atmosphere in Nova Scotia. For a perfect date, enjoy a boardwalk on the world’s largest fiddle on the pier or watch an orchestra together at the Theatre Savoy or signup for a day class with Cape Breton Craft. For some delicious cuisines and tasty wine, head to Flavor on the Water or Governors Pub and Eatery.

7. Iqaluit, Nunavut

Iqaluit, Nunavut

The capital city of Nunavut is placed on the Baffin Island and is one of the cultural hotspots in the region. Some of the popular attractions include the Alianait Arts Festival, indulging in Northern Lights, and some fine wine and dining spots like the Water’s Edge Seafood and Steakhouse.

8. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

One of the scenic beauties in Canada with its natural landscape and man-made structures like red brick buildings, quaint markets, and old-fashioned window arches. Some of the popular activities to indulge in are book hunting at Bookmark, Peakes Wharf Boat Cruises, and some fine dining options like the Claddagh Oyster House.

9. St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

Very few places in Canada can match the romantic environment at St.John’s. The vibrant & colorful art galleries, twinkling lights downtown, fresh sea breeze around the avenues reminds you of the romantic atmosphere evident in old movies. Some of the popular activities to indulge in are planning a lighthouse picnics, attending pottery classes, visiting the local breweries, and some fine dining options like the Blue on Water.

10. Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador

Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador

Gander can be one of the idyllic vacation spots due to its close proximity to stunning scenic road trips around the shoreline and plenty of good wine. Some of the popular things to indulge in are the Festival of Flight, Road trips for the mesmerizing scenic beauty around the Island of Notre Dame Bay, and some fine dining at the Bistro on Roe.

11. Bathurst, New Brunswick

Bathurst, New Brunswick

Placed on the Chaleur Bay, Bathurst experience fresh sea breeze from its salty shores. Slip into your flip flops and browse through the Farmers Market, Village Historique Acadien – the Living Museum, and some fine wine and dining options like Auberge de la Vallee. It also offers a great opportunity for the golfers to practice their favorite sport.

12. Fredericton, New Brunswick

Fredericton, New Brunswick

One of the popular romantic destinations in this region, the Fredericton attracts plenty of visitors due to its charming downtown and hoppy brews. Other major attractions of the Fredericton include breweries, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, watching a play at the Playhouse Fredericton or Theatre New Brunswick or the Charlotte Street Arts Center, browsing through the downtown, and heading to the 540 Kitchen & Bar for a few drinks and great food.

13. Parry Sound, Ontario

Parry Sound, Ontario

One of the best things to do in Ontario, The Parry Sound is known for its great outdoor adventures and beautiful stargazing at the night. Enliven your romance under the stars at the Parry Sound in Ontario. For the Jazz lovers, head to the Festival of the Sound for some classical stuff. For the art lovers, browse through the Art in the Park. For a delicious Canadian pizza, head to Maurizio’s.

14. Little Current, Ontario

Little Current, Ontario

A parade of charming boats and a swing bridge adorn the landscape of the Little Current in Ontario. Some of must visit places are the popular 3 Cows and a Cone Ice-cream parlor, Honora Bay Riding Stale, and the Island Jar for some fine dining.

In our busy lives, we lose out on several romantic moments. Relive vintage romance with these splendid romantic getaways in Canada. If you need further information about how to make your Canada trip special for your loved one, talk to our travel experts to know more.

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