Top Places to Visit Canada During Winter Season

Winter is the best time to visit Canada as there are numerous destinations where one could have lots of fun. If you are excited to spend time on the slopes or explore the best cities, then winter is the best season to visit Canada. Canadians are enthusiastic people who go outdoors in winters and experience all the joys of the season rather than sitting at home for warmth. People from all over the world, travel to Canada in winter to spend some quality time with their loved ones and explore the beautiful places in the best possible way. If you are thinking of visiting Canada during winter season, then do shortlist these top places and plan your tour accordingly.

Best Places to Visit Canada in December

1. Whistler

Whistler in Canada during winter

Whistler is known as the famous skiing destination. Skiing lovers from all over the world, travel to whistler during this season. This is the winter wonderland to be visited with your family and spend the best vacations. It is located in British Columbia, which is known as the ski capital of the country. The best thing to visit in Whistler is the Peak 2 spot where you will get to see various peaks from one spot and have a great time. There are many resorts that provide comfortable stay to their customers with best services.

Things to do in Whistler :
You can enjoy ice-skating and ice climbing along with snow mobiling and snowshoeing in Whistler. Try the amazing sleigh rides and ice fishing in this perfect place for having great time in winter. You will surely have the best time of your life while experiencing these thrilling activities.

2. Halifax

Night View of Halifax City in Winter

Halifax is again one of the best places in Canada that is famous all over the world for enjoying winter. It is located in Nova Scotia, and is known for its famous sleigh rides in the Hatfield farm and Tobogganing in the Citadel Hill. You are going to enjoy a lot in this city not matter how low minimum the temperature drops. Apart from this, Halifax is known for maple syrup as some yummy treats. You can indulge yourself in some delicious brunch, which is made from sweet Maple syrup.

Things to do in Halifax:
You can have some delicious treat in Brooklyn Warehouse. Have fun in the downhill skiing at Ski Martock as well as explore the Point Pleasant Park.

3. Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is situated in British Columbia and is one of the best places to visit in Canada. There are various winter activities you can enjoy and have fun with your loved ones. Snowshoeing, Mountain top skating, Mountain zip lining, and sky riding are some of the activities that can be done in the Grouse Mountain. You can also watch movies at Peak’s Chalet Theatre in the sky with your dear ones once you are done with your activities.

4. Winnipeg

Fort Whyte Alive

There are various activities that can be enjoyed in Winnipeg, which makes it one of the worth visiting places in Canada for winter holidays. You can indulge in the longest naturally frozen trail as well as visit the famous attractions like The Forks and Fort Whyte Alive. Winnipeg is known for Thermea, which is an open air Scandinavian spa, which is located in the forests of Fort Garry.

Things to do in Winnipeg:
You can also enjoy some amazing events like the Festival du Voyageur with your loved ones. Apart from this, you can have fun while doing activities like skating at The Forks and indulge in a bonfire at Fort Whyte Alive. There is also an Assiniboine Park zoo which you can visit with your children. Downhill skiing at Ski Martock and exploring the Point Pleasure Park are some of the major activities that can be done during your winter holidays.

5. Newfoundland

view of Newfoundland city during winter

Newfoundland is a Marble Mountain that is a perfect place to visit during winter season in Canada. It gives the best winter sports to the eastern region with some stellar views. There is a Gros Morne National Park that has nearly about 50 km of skiing trails and is known as the one of the best parks in Canada.

Things to do in Newfoundland :
You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, and experience snowmobiling in this incredible place.

6. Toronto

Toronto in Canada

Toronto is famous all over the world for its long cold days and nights during winter season. There are some amazing fat biking rides where you will have the most thrilling experience of your life. You can also take a tour to the trails in the Don valley as well as enjoy the icebreaker installations located in the waterfront.

Places to Visit in Toronto in Winter

Toronto is known for the famous food festival known as Winterlicious where you can find some lip-smacking winter gourmet delights. You can also attend the game of hockey and indulge in ice skating and skiing.

1. Quebec City

Quebec City is famous for ice canoe races, snow baths along with a stay in igloo. Quebec City hosts the world famous Quebec winter Festival that attracts tourists from all over the world to this charming city. The Quebec Winter Carnival is again the best festival to celebrate in winter season where there are some massive snow sculptures. You can also check the Ice Hotel that is totally made of ice and is decorated with neon lights.

Things to do in Quebec :
You can enjoy snow sliding and ice fishing in Quebec City and have lots of fun in the festivals held in the city.

2. Ottawa

Rideau Canal in Winter

Ottawa has the largest outdoor skating rink in the world and is one of the top places to visit in Canada during winter. You can enjoy skating on the Rideau Canal and which is one of the top things to do in Ottawa and gorge on mouth-watering food in some famous restaurants after exploring the city. Ottawa is famous for beavertails that is a local delectable treat and is irresistible.

Things to do in Ottawa :
You can go for skating on the Rideau Canal and enjoy the snow. There is a Gatineau Park where you can enjoy cross country skiing as well as enjoy winter camping in Ottawa. Ottawa is a treasure-trove of so many incredible attractions that you will be spoilt for choice in this vibrant city.

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