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A Complete Travel Guide to Prince Edward Island – Destination Canada

Prince Edward Island is a fascinating destination in Canada that features exciting wandering trails, endless beaches, old lighthouses, culinary trails, ancient sites, thrilling amusement parks, artisan studios, and unique experiences that match the taste and itinerary design of every global traveler. Spending a day on this gorgeous island is one of the best experiences in Canada. We have collated the top attractions and activities you can indulge in on your Prince Edward Island vacation.

Best season to explore Prince Edward Island

The months between late June and early September are the most favorable time to visit Prince Edward Island. The days are warm and sunny and ideal for some sightseeing but don’t miss out on the sunscreen. The average high temperature hovers around 24 °C, and the average low is 17 °C.

Popular attractions

Avonlea Village

A recreation of the 19th-century fictional town features several replicas of houses and shops along with heritage buildings like the original schoolhouse where Montgomery taught. This building also houses several restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and art galleries with delightful cuisine, quaint shopping options, and a wide variety of local crafts. It is a wonderful place for spending a relaxing holiday on Prince Edward Island. This place is open daily, with the visiting hours varying as per the season.

Basin Head Provincial Park

The beaches housed here feature among the top beaches in Canada. This 14km white sand stretch is filled with beautiful warm waters in the summers. The beaches are also referred to as singing sands as the sand has a very fine texture that just slips under your feet easily. Head to the Basin Head Fisheries Museum to explore the history of the local fisheries. Before the beach was set here for tourism, the local fishermen would catch their hunt right off the shores.


Charlottetown Canada

The smallest provincial capital in Canada houses 80,000 inhabitants. The discussions for the formation of Canada were finalized here in 1864. The Province House, a historic site, talks about the glorious chapters in Canadian history and other key cultural aspects. Victoria row is another popular street lined up with charming red brick houses with an array of cafes and restaurants. They offer the perfect ambiance and surroundings to grab a quick bite while local musicians fine-tune their trade in the background. Take an evening stroll along Peake’s Warf in the evenings, where you can immerse yourself in the various vibrant offerings in Charlottetown.

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge Canada

The Confederation Bridge is the longest bridge globally over ice-covered water spread over 12.9 km. This was inaugurated on May 31, 1997, where tolls are collected only at the Borden-Carleton tool booth while you are leaving Prince Edward Island. The stunning view of the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is something that you should not miss if you are here. This engineering feat is locally known as the fixed link that connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick and other corners of Canada. You can reach here by car or witness the bridge while boarding the ferry shuttle service.


 Souris East lighthouse

You will find close to 63 lighthouses in the smallest Canadian province, with very few open to the public. Some of the most popular ones include Souris East, Panmure Head, Cape Bear, Point Prime, and West Point. Point Prim is the oldest and one of the finest examples of cylindrical brick construction. West Point is the tallest lighthouse on the Island; that stands 20m tall and has distinctive black and white stripes and a square shape, making it unique in nature and popular in the tourist world. West Point also features a small inn and a museum open to the public to purchase souvenirs for your loved ones.

Prince Edward Island National Park

This national park houses stunning red sandstone cliffs, gorgeous fine sand dunes, and endless sandy beaches. The Homestead trail walking tour that lasts 6.7 km is one of the hot favorites among tourists and visitors alike as it allows you to browse the incredible natural beauty of the park. Swimming is a great stress buster after a day full of exploration, hiking, golfing, and hiking. The entry is charged at $7.9 and $6.9 per adult and senior citizen, respectively. There is no entry fee for visitors below the age of 17 years. Next, explore the Greenwich Interpretation Centre, which features more than 20 multimedia and interactive exhibits covering the past 10,000 years of rich cultural heritage and history. It undoubtedly makes it to the list of the best national parks in Canada.

North Rustico Harbour

This gorgeous fishing village is worth visiting as it covers everything you can imagine in your dream vacation. Imagine relaxing on the Dock Eatery patio with an exquisite drink in hand while enjoying unmatched views of the harbor and some culinary treats. It seriously can’t get better than this for a rejuvenating holiday experience. You can look to indulge in some deep-sea fishing at Bob’s Deep-Sea Fishing. Rent a bicycle, kayak, or bask in the ambiance of North Rustico Beach. Try strolling on the North Rustico Sea Walk along Rustico Bay for scenic views.


Discover authentic island indulgences in this city adjacent to the seashore. Summerside is stuffed with coastal, cultural, and culinary attractions that will satisfy every global traveler’s taste and requirements. Explore the Island’s Celtic roots, stroll down the city streets, or simply enjoy the horse’s dash to the finish line; you have plenty of amazing experiences to choose from on your vacation.

Thunder Cove Beach

Thunder Cove Beach Canada

This hidden gem in Prince Edward Island is still vying for attention from the tourist world. The rolling dunes and ultrawide fine sandy beaches completely differ from other parts of the world. Explore the beautiful cave formations and red sandstone columns that are fragile yet amazing to witness live. Accessing this fascinating destination is easy and simple. You can get here easily by driving your car.

Victoria Row

This is a dream paradise to quench your shopping desires. Ancient Victorian buildings are lined up on the cobblestone roads where you will see a bunch of cars blocking the route during the peak summer season. Many restaurants open their patio gardens for their guests to enjoy food while listening to the local musicians playing on the street. You can shop for locally produced wares, apparel, and goods or purchase a gift or souvenir that will be a cherished reminder of your holiday experience.


Prince Edward Island features an assortment of accommodation options to cater to a global audience. You can choose from cottages, luxurious hotels and motels, camping sites, inns, beds & breakfast destinations, luxurious resorts, vacation homes, condos & apartments, tourist homes, and trailer rentals & hostels, depending on your budget. You will find everything, some simple economic ones, from seaside motels to ultra-luxurious penthouses across the entire region.

Where to eat?

Prince Edward Island features some of the best restaurants and cafes on every corner. There are multiple options, from simple eateries to fine dining options. Some of the best places to satisfy your gastronomical desires are Blue Mussel Café, Seagull’s Nest Gift Shop, La Brose Bistro, and Green Gables Shore, which serves both traditional Canadian food as well as international cuisine. The menu items are locally produced and served fresh and tasty on your plate.

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