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Best Things to Do in Algonquin Provincial Park

A Canadian tour with your Canada Visa includes a visit to Ontario and its capital city Toronto. Visiting Ottawa, Niagara Falls, and other attractions aside, Algonquin Provincial Park in South Eastern Ontario is worth a visit. Known for its beautiful landscape and dense forests, it is the perfect environment to engage in adventure activities and view some amazing wildlife.  It is no exaggeration to say that Algonquin Park offers an accessible wilderness adventure. You can have a great time whether you visit here for a day or stay for a couple of days.

Most Amazing Things to Do in Algonquin Provincial Park



With beautiful Interpretive Walking Trails, you can find a trail that suits you and can easily be done in a full day or half-day. Stroll or hike through the scenic trails and enjoy the fantastic views. Go backpacking and go on any of the day loop trails. Multi-day or overnight trips are popular too. The trails are designed to show all the different aspects of Algonquin Park’s wildlife and environment. Pick up a trail guide booklet from the Visitor’s Centre.


Visitor’s Centre:

The Visitor’s Centre is the best place to know more about the wildlife and history of the park. The many unique exhibits here enlighten the visitors about the Park’s natural and human history as well as wildlife. Watch the theatre presentation that tells the story of the park and how logging was involved in its history. Logging is still allowed in the Park and is a well-managed industry. Go to the viewing deck to see the habitats of Algonquin park like the hardwood forests, coniferous forests, spruce bogs, and lakes and rivers.

ATV Tours:

Go on an all-terrain vehicle ride into the densely forested areas. ATV tours give you another perspective as you can travel much further on ATV than hiking. Going deep into the forested areas and seeing what is not seen by most visitors is a different experience. The guide helps you to proceed at your own pace and helps you travel the tricky paths of the trail. These tours are exciting as you may spot deer, moose, bobcats, owls, eagles, bears, wolves, etc. You can stop to take photos, a snack break, or even a swim and make the tour more special.

Wildlife Viewing:

The Algonquin Park is home to mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and breeding birds. Some of the wildlife you can expect to see are white-tailed deer, beaver, birds, black bears, and howling wolves. If you are traveling in spring, you are sure to see moose as they are attracted to the road salt. But in winter it is easier to see wildlife as the forest is bare of leaves. Early evening time or dawn are the best times to spot wildlife. Always go with binoculars to get close-up views. It is thrilling to catch a glimpse of animals in their natural habitat.



Algonquin Park is famed for fishing as it has over 1,500 lakes and 1200Km of streams that allow 54 different species of fish to live within the park. You find some of the finest Brook Trout and Lake Trout fishing in the world here. Register here for a skills workshop to take home new skills, knowledge, and tools needed to pursue your interest further. Fishing is best during spring. There are strict rules and regulations to prevent overfishing.


Algonquin Park has plenty of canoeing opportunities with over 2,000Km canoe routes in the Park. Beginners or experts, you will find them all eager to explore the variety of Algonquin’s landscapes. It is possible to build a short trip or an extended adventure. Hire a guide or go on small-group canoe excursions or lodge-based trips to appreciate the Park and have a lot of fun.

Dog sledding:

There are two dog sledding trails in Algonquin Park. Traveling through the trails on a sled pulled by a team of Huskies is fun and a good adventure. Commercial operators provide Dog Sled services. The Sunday Lake Dog Sled Trail in Algonquin Park’s most popular dog sledding trail through mixed and hardwood forest habitats. You can select day trips to full-week mushing expeditions and enjoy yourself thoroughly.


The Algonquin Radio Observatory is a radio observatory located in Algonquin Provincial Park and is home to Canada’s biggest radio telescope. If you are interested in astronomy or stargazing, this is the place to visit. You can tour or join a stargazing party, for some spectacular stargazing. See millions of stars in the dark sky devoid of city lights. You might even catch the aurora borealis dancing across the horizon.

Ski and Snowshoe:


Algonquin Park is beautiful in winter when it is blanketed by fluffy white snow. There are many recreational activities available during winter too. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, winter trekking, and dogsledding are some favorite activities here. There are cross-country trails for all levels of expertise. Go snowshoeing anywhere except on the ski trails. December to March is the best time for winter sports.

The evenings and nights are cool, and it is advisable to take warm clothes with you even during summer or spring. For Canadians, spending time outdoors is an important part of summer. As you explore Algonquin Park, you understand the attractions of the outdoors. You leave Algonquin Park with plenty of memorable moments and promise yourself another visit soon.

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