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Things to Do in Lake Louise

Canada is a land of temperate rainforests, the towering Rockies, crystalline glaciers, the prairies, and winding fjords. And, having received your Canada Visa you are ready to embark on your tour of this beautiful country. You will visit one beautiful place after another here. But the one place you must visit is the hamlet Lake Louise in Banff National Park and the wild turquoise blue color alpine lake – Lake Louise.

Known as the crown jewel of Banff National Park, it is surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and has a spectacular backdrop with of Mount Victoria topped by a massive glacier. This majestic and awe-inspiring Lake Louise is a place where you can spend a few days before you continue your tour.

Catch the best activities in Lake Louise


Walk around the lake:

Stroll around the lake and reach the shoreline of the lake. If you stroll along the lakeshore to the right (Lakeshore Trail), past the Chateau Lake Louise you will see gorgeous views over the lake and across to the towering mountains. The lake with the pretty canoes makes a delightful picture and you will want to capture it. Walk along until you need a rest and then sit on a nearby bench and relax before continuing your stroll.

Go canoeing or kayaking:


If you are a fan of canoeing or kayaking then you are in for a wonderful time. Rent a canoe and paddle along enjoying the spectacular views of Mount Victoria and Victoria glacier. Paddle around the whole lake and spend a pleasurable hour or two. Rent a kayak and go around the lake and click plenty of pictures of the magnificent views.

Hike to Lake Agnes:

It is an easy hike suitable for most people and kids from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes. This is a popular hike trail and you pass through the forest to reach Lake Agnes. This is a small mountain lake that has an enchanting waterfall. Stop at the Mirror Lake and take in the sight of the Big Beehive, a mountain that resembles a beehive. If you are up to it then go along the little Beehive trail for more fantastic views. Take the route to catch a view of the Banff Waterfall. The hiking trail ends at the Lake Agnes Tea House.

Visit Moraine Lake:

Visit Lake Moraine which is quite near lake Louise. Lake Moraine is as stunning as Lake Louise and its waters are the same turquoise color. But the setting of Moraine Lake is unique. The Lake has a massive rockpile at one end and is bordered by the mountain range called the Ten Peaks. Walk on the shoreline to the Rockpile and just take in the breathtaking view.

Visit the Plain of Six Glaciers:

One of the most popular hiking trails begins from Lake Louise to the Plain of the Six Glaciers. You end up at this Plain when you hike around the corner at the end of Lake Louise. Trek your way across and up the open plains beyond the lake towards the end of the Shoreline trail, with the Victoria Glacier on your right, and reach another historic tea house at the end. With wonderful views all the way, you do not mind the 13.8Km hike.

Take a scenic horseback ride:

Another way of enjoying the scenic views is on horseback. There are some wonderful trails you can explore on horseback. The rides can be a two-hour ride to a 7-hour full day ride. Go and visit many popular attractions in and around Lake Louise. There are horseback tours up to Lake Agnes. During winter, sleigh rides are available. Which is a good alternative to hiking.

Ride the Lake Louise Gondola:

Whether you are visiting Lake Louise during summer or winter, one of the best ways to take in the breathtaking views is by riding the Gondola. The 14-minute gondola ride is a great way to go up and if you are lucky, you may get to see some wildlife along the way. Once you reach the top you can see the whole of Lake Louise. Enjoy the scenic views from the top. Join one of the guided hikes to learn more about the flora and fauna of Banff National Park.

Take a Scenic Drive Down Bow Valley Parkway:

Though this is a longer route connecting Banff to Lake Louise, you can take your time stopping whenever you want, admire the scenic views and take great photos. Some of the best stops along the way are the Backswamp, Hillsdale Meadows with the pretty wildflowers, Johnston Canyon, Moose Meadows where you may see a Moose or two, Rockbound Lake, Castle Junction, and other picturesque stops.

Ice Skate on the Frozen Lake:

If your visit is during the winter months when the lake is frozen, you can still enjoy the frozen lake. It is considered one of the world’s best ice skating rinks and ice skating over it is an exciting activity. Enjoy the lake’s atmosphere. Around the lakeshore, you can find fires, an ice bar, a horse sleigh, and even an ice castle.

Lake Louise is undoubtedly one of the one of the 10 best lakes in Canada. Be prepared to exert yourself physically to enjoy the scenic beauty in and around the lake. The best summer months to visit the lake are from late June to August. Then until October, the lake water is still turquoise and unfrozen. From December to April you can enjoy winter activities on the frozen Lake. Have a great visit.

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