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Visa Information of Canada for Indian passport holders From the UAE

People somehow have a misconception that Canada is just a milder version of its neighbor; the United States of America. However, this is not even close to truth. Canada has its own charm and is entirely different from USA.

Canada offers something for everyone. For people who love to explore the outdoors, Canada has loads of sporting activities to engage in; such as, hiking, rafting, skiing and so on. Lovers of nature can suffice their thirst by visiting various National parks and regional parks present in Canada. Lovers of culture too have lot of options with regards to traditions and arts. So overall, Canada is a blend of culture, natural beauty and amazing adventure and offers something for everyone.

However, one aspect that is required when you intend to choose Canada tourism is a Canada visit visa. Irrespective of where you reside and which passport you hold, visiting Canada will necessitate you to fulfill eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) requirements.

Indians are known travelers who always love exploring newer destinations. So for those Indians staying in United Arab Emirates, visiting Canada will necessitate them to apply for a Canada tourist visa or a Canada business visa from UAE. The applicant needs to get this procedure done from the embassy or a reputed Canada Visa travel agency.

Let us now look at steps in the process of getting a visa to Canada on Indian passport from United Arab Emirates.

1.Eligibility check

This is the primary step when you intend to get a Canada visit visa in UAE on your Indian passport. Apart from US residents and people with a valid Canadian Passport, every other national needs to get an eTA to visit Canada.

2.Get hold of application form

The next step is to get the application form from an authorized Canada visa application center. This can also be done online or by visiting the visa application center in person. Remember that when you apply online for Canada visit visa, you need to be in possession of a scanning machine or camera for creation of electronic copies for documents required.

3.Fill in details

You need to carefully read the application form and fill in the details as per requirement and procedure explained. This step is very important and hence, it is always better to get help from an experienced Canada visa agency so that you don’t make any mistakes.

4.Get documents in place

Remember to read the guidelines for documentation perfectly. This is necessary as if you fail to furnish all the required documents, chances of Canada visa rejection will increase and you may have to let go of your intent of visiting Canada.

Paying Canada visa fees

The fees to avail an eTA are very less and need to be filled as per the procedure. You will be required to pay just Canadian $7 as fees for Canada visa.

Getting receipt

When you fill in all details in your application form, gather all relevant and necessary documents and pay fees for visa, you will receive a receipt for the same. This receipt will also contain your visa tracking number which is unique. You can easily track the process of your Canada visit visa, post application, via this tracking number.

Getting back documents and passport

Once your Canada visit visa is approved, you will need to either collect your passport of documents by physically visiting the Canada visa application center, or get it couriered to your place by opting for the same initially.

It is always seen that people somehow get overwhelmed with the process of getting a visa; irrespective of the country for which it is required. Though following simple steps in the right manner can sail you through, the sheer pressure of Canada visa rejection can bother applicants.

If your visa application is rejected, then re-application will be needed. So instead of facing the issue of visa rejection, it is better that you opt for services of some Canada Visa Agency to ensure a smooth process of Canada visa application. This will mean that getting a Canada visit visa on Indian passport from United Arab Emirates can be made easy by opting for professional services. So find the right visa agency and get ready to set foot on the amazing land of Canada for enjoying the beautiful locales and breathtaking adventure that this place renders.

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