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Taste Authentic Canadian Flavors With The Best Calgary Food Trucks

You will find plenty of smell of meat cooking wafts from an array of food trucks outside a downtown high-rise. The crowd visiting these Calgary food trucks is intense and just waiting to grab a quick bite consisting of steaming hot sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, smoked meat, wraps, and other food goodies. These food trucks in Calgary have a consistent quick turnover as it is essential for their survival. These food trucks kicked off many years back, and are exponentially growing year on year. Probably the best place to taste street food Calgary which is booming of authentic Canadian flavors. The Calgary food which is served is simply delicious and mouth-watering. Considering the amount or quantity of food served on a daily basis, the quality doesn’t come down anytime. These food trucks are one of the best places to eat in Calgary. We have listed some of the popular Calgary food trucks which would give you a fair idea of where to eat in Calgary and taste authentic Canadian food.

1.Canadian Beaver Balls

Canadian Beaver Balls

They are vegetarian. Yes! You heard it right. They use an old flavor of sugar and cinnamon coated mini donuts coated with delicious gourmet toppings which are simply irresistible. Their menu is stuffed with several surprises like breakfast balls, beach balls, campfire balls, and much more.

2.Family Squeezed Lemonade

Family Squeezed Lemonade

Fresh gourmet and custom lemonade for any event. The Family Squeezed Lemonade serves hand smashed fresh fruit and crushed herbs which are served made to order. With no artificial syrups or packaged fake flavors used in their drinks, you can be sure to grab a giant cup of just pure delight. They try out new flavor combinations and you would be dazzled checking out their collection. They also serve homemade sugar cookies which are served with icing flavors – a perfect partner to your drink.

3.Family Freezed Gourmet Ice Pops

Family Freezed Gourmet Ice Pops

A distant cousin to the Family Squeezed Lemonade which won the best drink of the Calgary Stampede. They are more than just food and drinks. They look forward to giving their patron customers an experience worth remembering.

4.Yummi Yogis

Yummi Yogis

Fresh, local, organic, and delicious are some of the things that come to mind when you visit Yummi Yogis. You can start your meal with the handcrafted solar berry lemonade and then head to the Almond Pad Thai, which is served with addictive almond sauce, it counts as one of their best sellers. Other popular items on their menu include the slow roasted honey pulled pork tacos, hazelnut pie, nutritious Nutella, and raw chocolate. The list is endless, you got to be there to experience it.

5.Aglio e Olio

Aglio e Olio

The one and only pasta food truck in Calgary, Aglio e Olio has aimed to produce superb quality products while addressing the case of being equally environmentally friendly. Their sauces are homemade so are many of their different pastas. They also use 100% recyclable utensils, containers, and napkins.

6.Bandit Burger

When burgers are hand-grounded without using filler, the result is a near perfect 80/20 blend of meat to fat which gives it a delicious flavor and makes it juicy. They are very few things, but they make sure that whatever they do, they do it well and up to their customer’s expectations.



They deal in made to order, hand-held burritos which are overflowing with savory Asian ingredients and flavors. The turnover is quicker than you can expect and the food is fresh and filling.



This is a company that has special skills in preparing delicious Fire roasted healthy pizza, salads, appetizers, and drinks. They also have their own restaurant and have been accustomed to serving a huge crowd for more than 8 years especially at festivals like the Calgary Stampede, and the Calgary Folk Festival. No matter what the occasion, you can count on them to deliver their products anywhere in the city.

9.Hoodoofoodoo Curbside Café

Delicious sandwiches, smooth and rich coffees are perfect match to the weather. They further enhance their dishes using seasonal ingredients and creativity. Special treats include cookies and ice treats. They serve breakfast, night delivery, private truck bookings, and delivery to your workplace.

10.Capone’s Strada Cucina

Capone’s Strada Cucina

This food truck specializes in authentic Italian porchetta, a slow cooked pork roast with extensive use of fresh herbs and spices. The porchetta is originally an Italian street food. They also serve homemade meatball subs and porchetta poutine fries.

11.Don Panino

Don Panino

This food truck specializes in Italian-American style sandwiches and many unique fresh sides. They aim to serve fresh and hot sandwiches which will give their customers a completely new perspective about meat and bread.

12.Cheezy Bizness

Cheezy Bizness

If you feel that Canadians love their food and feeding people, then the Cheezy Bizness is a testimony to it. They have a flavor associated with each of their dishes as they only use extensive local, hormone and antibiotic free meats and eggs along with pesticide free vegetables – all these combined together to prepare delicately crafted sandwiches.



This is a chef driven truck where the food is beautifully hand-crafted and creatively spread. Inspired by several cuisines from all around the world and extensive use of local ingredients, this is probably the best cuisine which caters to any occasion.

14.The Happy Fish

The Happy Fish

The first gourmet food truck that serves a delicious fusion of Korean-Japanese-North America cuisine. Some of the signature dishes include Tempura Prawn Taco, Bulgogi Beef Taco, Spicy Smoked Salmon Taco, Beer Battered Fish n Chips, Mango Fish Taco, and Kimchi Fries.

15.Food Tribe

A grandmother’s version of matching today sophisticated and healthy menu dishes. These home cooked dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and spiced with sufficient flavors to enhance taste. You can get almost anything ranging from chicken, beef, fish, vegetables suited to match Mediterranean culinary flavors and traditions.

16.Ranch BBQ

Ranch BBQ

Some of the specialties on their menu include pulled pork, beef brisket, sausage and chicken, ribs – all slow-cooked and mixed with Lynnwood’s special blends of spices. They are served with popular Southern BBQ dishes. They are into this business for the past 25 years and they are also into catering and event business.

17.The Sugar Cube

The Sugar Cube

A mobile candy store in Calgary which specializes in imported, fresh candies. You can be assured to catch your new favorite in their collection or taste an old classic. There are over 50 types of candy, unique sodas, imported chocolate, hand-spun gourmet cotton candy, retro packed candy, and even customized candies for match your event requirements.

18.Take it and Go

Take it and Go

The premier East African Food truck bring classic and new dishes in addition to their traditional cuisine. Chef Jassani has specially crafted these delicate delicacies which include beef mishkaki, fried cassava, samosas, and much more.

The above are just some of the food trucks which gives you authentic flavors of Canada and international cuisines catered to match local tastes. There are several food trucks which are not listed above. It is literally impossible to list all of them in just one article. The choices and variety available are endless, you will definitely be spoilt for choices.

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