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Top Canada Museums to Discover Canada’s Art and Cultural Scenario

Canada is a vast country brimming with amazing tourist attractions. Every visitor to this country is awestruck by the country’s natural and cultural abundance. While there is no doubt that you will be blown away by Canada’s breathtaking natural vistas, the art and culture scene of the country is yet another aspect that will leave you fascinated. It has an incredibly deep-rooted history and art world that is quite extensive and ever-evolving. If you are seeking for a Canadian holiday with a deeper insight into its culture and legacy, then we recommend you to visit these world-class museums that take you through an intriguing journey of the nation’s cultural treasures.

1.Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal Museum of Fine ArtsAmong the most prominent museums in Canada, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts stands out as the largest museum in Montreal. The museum has preserved the passion of fine arts through its impressive collections. Located on Golden Square Mile stretch of Sherbrooke Street, this Canada museum has a collection of over 40000 works that covers a remarkable journey through more than 150 years. Comprising five pavilions, each section focuses on different themes ranging from Canadian and international art, world culture collection, archaeology and modern art. This world-class tourist attraction is the most sought-after museum in Canada and a must visit attraction if you are in Montreal.

Opening hours: Tuesday: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Wednesdays: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm (Main exhibition only from 5.00pm to 9.00 pm), Thursday to Saturday: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Admission Fees: CAD 23 per adult, CAD 15 per child.

2.National Gallery of Ottawa

Considered as one of the stunning landmarks in Ottawa, National Gallery of Ottawa radiates the essence of art in its presence and all its elements. The exterior architecture itself is an exceptional fusion of glass and granite – a sight that will leave you mesmerised. The entrance and driveways of this Canada attraction are highlighted with fascinating sculptures. Inside this stunning structure, you will witness an exceptional assortment of paintings, sculptures, and photography of native Canadian artists that exudes history and culture of Canada. The artworks featured are prominently of Canadian artists such as Louis-Philippe Hébert, Emily Carr, Tom Thomson, Jean-Paul Riopelle and Jack Bush. Classic and contemporary works of famous European and American artists like Francesco Salviati, Benjamin West and Barnett Newman to name a few are also on display. Located at Sussex Drive, this museum is one of the premier places to visit in Canada that offers its visitors amazing views of the Parliament Hill.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, Thursday: 9:30 am to 8.00 pm

Admission Cost:  CAD 20 per adult, CAD 12 for those under the age of 24 years.

3.Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

A scintillating sight of a heritage building fused into an abstract, crystal shard-like structure dominates the scenery at Bloor street in Toronto, Ontario. This stellar building happens to be Royal Ontario Museum – Canada’s largest museum. Located near Queen’s Park at the University of Toronto district, this museum has over 40 galleries and more than six million items on display. The world-class collection of this Toronto museum honours world culture and natural history. It is also the only museum in the world with the largest fossil collection – over 100000 specimens and an extensive collection of minerals and meteorites. It also has a notable collection of Chinese temple sculptures, Korean Art, Egyptian mummies and cedar crest poles carved by First Nations tribes of Canada which are some of the ‘not to miss’ attractions here. The Royal Ontario Museum celebrates the diversity of world culture in grandiose and lets its visitors indulge in the fascinating variety of life on earth.

Opening Hours: Daily: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Admission Cost: CAD 20 per adult, CAD 14 per child under 14 years of age, CAD 1.50 for youth from 15 to 19 years of age.

4.Royal Tyrrell Museum

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Travel back to the Jurassic era! The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology takes you back into the time when the giant creatures dominated the earth. Situated right in the fossil-rich area of Late Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, this Canada Museum is wholly dedicated to the science of palaeontology. The museum is named after the geologist Joseph Burr Tyrrell who discovered the first dinosaur fossil in the Red Deer River valley. The exhibits featured in the museum satisfy our curiosity on how prehistoric dinosaurs existed on earth and what they looked like. The most popular exhibit here is the Dinosaur Hall which has over 40 dinosaur skeletons on display. Kids will enjoy being at fossil casting workshops, story sessions, fossil digging experiences and Dino adventure hour. This Canada point of interest is among one of the famous things to see in Canada.

Opening Hours: Daily: 9.00am to 9.00 pm until August. September onward, daily: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Admission Cost:  CAD 19 per adult, CAD 10 per youth (7  to 17 years)

5.Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario

Another stunning landmark dedicated to fine arts, the Art Gallery of Ontario located in Toronto pays outstanding tribute to artists of past and the present years. It has a remarkable collection of over 70000 artworks representing Canadian, European and African artists. Some of the paintings and collections date back to Renaissance and the Baroque era. The priceless collection has contributions from famous artists such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse, Chardin, and Renoir to name a few.  A must visit gallery is the Henry Moore Sculpture Centre which houses the world’s largest collection of Moore’s artworks. It is the second most visited art museum in Canada after Royal Ontario Museum.

Opening Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Wednesdays and Fridays: 10.30 am to 9.00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays: 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Admission Cost:  General Admission – CAD 19.50 per adult, CAD 11 for children (6 to 17 years)

6.Canadian Museum of History

Canadian Museum of History

Located in Gatineau, Quebec, directly across River Ottawa, Canadian Museum of History tells you stories of Canada’s indigenous life and its journey en route to the modern world. This spectacular structure houses over 3 million artifacts ranging from Canadian native to contemporary art. The main three permanent exhibits here are the Grand Hall, First Peoples Hall, and Canadian History Hall. The Grand Hall recreates the life of Pacific Coast Aboriginal natives and has the largest collection of totem poles on display. The First Peoples Hall explores the history, diversity, and creativity of Canada’s aboriginal settlements. Canadian History Hall takes you on a journey of Canada’s past and its struggle to become an independent country it is today. The museum also has a dedicated section for kids to enjoy at the Canadian Children’s Museum. It also has an IMAX theatre equipped with laser projectors that provide fine clarity viewing and screens documentaries on history, culture, and nature.

Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Thursday: 9.00 am to 8.00 pm. Friday to Sunday: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Admission Cost:  CAD 20 per adult, CAD 12 per child under 12 years of age.

Strolling through the spacious halls of these impressive Canadian museums itself feels like an incredible experience. With a lineup of appealing exhibitions, programs, and activities, museums in Canada surely offer a unique and memorable experience for all. In fact, these museums are the perfect choice to transform your trip into a true Canadian experience. So, the next time you travel to Canada, enrich your holiday by adding a few of these museums to your travel itinerary.

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