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Best Airports in Canada You Must Visit

Are you planning a visit to Canada? You must be super excited to visit the second largest country and one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Keep your Canada visa ready and be prepared to have the best visit of your life to this beautiful country. Modern travel involves a lot of waiting in airports and during this visit too, you will spend a lot of time in airports. If you are in any of the following airports, remind yourself that you at one of the best airports in Canada and explore all the attractions there

Toronto Pearson International Airport:

Toronto Pearson International Airport                                                                         Image Credit: c1.staticflickr.com

This is the largest and busiest airport in Canada. It serves the Toronto Metropolitan area and the Golden Horseshoe area around it. As you look around you realize how busy it is but extremely well managed too. There are many lounges for the comfort of the passengers. You can shop for special sweets, jewelry, etc. The airport is beautiful and has plenty of dining options. The permanent art collection and rotating art exhibits, along with a kids’ play area, two colossal dinosaur models, pet relief centers, bars, and other facilities enable the passengers to spend their time pleasantly.

Vancouver International Airport:

Vancouver International Airport                                                                  Image Credit: www.yvr.ca

Called the best airport in the world, this airport has world-class facilities and decor. Admire the scenic beauty of this airport that boasts of a huge YVR aquarium, housing 850 species of British Columbian marine life. There is also a smaller aquarium dedicated to jellyfish. Admire the beautiful Totem poles, a part of the Northwest Coastal Aboriginal Art. This airport protects the environment and has taken steps to reduce greenhouse gas emission, waste, potable water consumption, and improving ecosystem health. Awarded the Skytrax award, you will find here the world’s largest living wall with thousands of green plants and a solar-powered water heating system.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ):

This airport has received awards in various categories. On specific days, special airport tours are available. Watch the sniffer dogs in action. Do not forget to sample the fresh seafood which is a specialty here. The staff of the airport is extremely friendly and helpful and has earned numerous accolades for passenger service. You can enjoy good food, neat and clean facilities, and pick up some good souvenirs too.

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Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport:

 Montreal Trudeau Airport
Image Credit: upload.wikimedia.org

This an international airport serving Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The international arrival complex, the gateway to Canada for all passengers, from the US and overseas, is an architecturally striking building. The airport has wonderful restaurants, bars, and duty-free shops to keep the passengers engaged as they wait for their flights. With helpful staff, the boarding procedures are quick and hassle-free. Browse around the shops in the airport, avail of the services at any of the spas, and enjoy the food at the various food outlets.

Calgary International Airport:


                                                                 Image Credit: upload.wikimedia.org

This is a hi-tech and modern airport. One of the most popular facilities here is the Space Port, which is an amazing entertainment and education facility. Learn about aeronautics and space and experience flight simulation. Enjoy the artifacts from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. The airport’s hi-tech baggage carousel updates travelers on their baggage arrival and location. With good food outlets, your time passes pleasantly.

Edmonton International Airport:

This is a mid-size airport with all modern facilities and looks like a stack of pancakes from the outside. It is the fifth busiest airport and has also received many awards. Well-organized seats are displayed for the passengers. Enjoy the art collection during your time in the airport. The friendly and helpful staff add to the passengers’ pleasant experience here. With play areas for kids, good restaurants, and bars, you can expect your time to pass quickly as you wait for your flight.

St. John International Airport:

                                                           Image Credit: assets.traveltriangle.com

This is a small international airport and is important for tourists looking to explore Newfoundland and Labrador region. The helpful staff goes about their duties with smiles, thus earning the gratitude of the passengers. With Wi-fi zones, children’s play areas, and good food joints, the airport helps the passengers have a pleasant waiting time at the airport. Visit the Heritage Shop or Jellybean Harbor to get some unique souvenirs and gifts. A unique feature of this airport is the updates about the whale and iceberg sighting given by the Visitor Information Center.

Travels should be fun whether on a vacation or an official trip.

As you may have experienced, you generally spend more time at the airport than on your flight. It makes sense to plan a pleasant waiting time for yourself and your family. Make the best of your time at the airports by doing thorough research before you set off. Find out the best things about the airport and the facilities available. The fun elements at the airports add to your travel experience. Have a great time in Canada.

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