Canada in March: Weather, Travel Advice, and Top Attractions

Canada in March is a picturesque and welcoming travel destination with events happening across the country. The month brings the start of spring, but still cold temperatures, to Canada’s landscape.

It’s an appealing travel option before summer crowds and hotel prices arrive. This article shares travel tips for the weather in Canada in March, as well as the top March attractions in Canada you won’t want to miss. Plan to experience maple syrup festivals, winter sports, wildlife emerging from seasonal hibernation, and blooming wildflowers.

Culture enthusiasts will enjoy highlights like the Canadian Screen Awards or new art exhibits. These March events in Canada will indulge your outdoor passions or urban curiosities across Canada in March. From winter festivals to the signs of spring, Canada in March offers unforgettable memories.

Weather in March in Canada

March marks the transition from winter to spring in most parts of Canada. While there can still be considerable snow and cold temperatures early in the month, warmer weather arrives by mid-March. Average highs range from the 30s Fahrenheit up to the mid 40s in southern regions. Days lengthen considerably by March, with sunrise and sunset shifting later. With increased sunshine, along with rain and snowmelt, spring gradually emerges with budding trees, early wildflowers poking through, long-awaited greenery, and swelling rivers and waterfalls.

Travel Tips for Visiting Canada in March

Here are some things to follow while you prepare for arrival in Canada:

Pack in layers

March weather varies hugely across Canada’s vast geography. Pack thermal leggings, flannel shirts, sweaters, a warm coat, gloves, hat and scarf so you can comfortably layer up as bitter arctic winds or snow showers roll in.

Know regional difference

Vancouver may reach spring-like 50s whereas Newfoundland still sees freezing temps, so research your destination climate.

Book early

Reserve hotel rooms in advance for popular spring break weeks or events like Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to secure better rates and availability.

Get ski passes ahead

At world-class ski resorts like Whistler, buy lift tickets and reserve rentals online before arriving to avoid long queues.

Have backup indoor plans

Spring is unpredictable, so have museums, galleries, or restaurants in mind if poor weather foils hiking, wildlife viewing, or other outdoor adventures.

Visa Extension

Canada tourist visa extension may be necessary if you plan to stay longer than your initial visa allows. Be aware of your visa’s expiry date and start the extension process well in advance if needed. Remember that extensions are not guaranteed and depend on various factors such as your compliance with previous visa conditions. If you’re considering extending your stay, ensure you have sufficient funds and valid reasons to support your application.

Try winter sports

March hosts superb late season skiing out west and snowshoeing in Quebec. Embrace these bracing activities before spring takes hold.

Indulge the last of maple season

Hit the sugar shacks and Cabanes à sucre in Ontario and Quebec to sample traditional maple treats like taffy as they make the last batches of syrup for the year.

Be spontaneous

March weather causes unexpected delights like sudden wildflower blooms. Have flexible itineraries to fully enjoy nature’s surprises as the frozen Canadian landscape gradually awakens.

Top Attractions to Visit in Canada in March

Niagara Falls

Niagara falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most stunning natural attractions in Canada, and March is a beautiful time to visit. As the winter ice begins melting with the arrival of spring, the rush of water pouring over the immense waterfall intensifies. Over 6 million cubic feet of water thunder over the brink every minute during peak daytime hours in March, making for a thrilling sight and sound that should not be missed. The rising mist creates picture-perfect rainbows and makes for a memorable experience.

Old Montreal

Canada Niagara Fall

Apply for Canada tourist visa and visit amazing Montreal tourist attractions like Old Montreal, a historic neighborhood with cobblestone streets, French colonial architecture, and historic sites like the Notre-Dame Basilica and the Bonsecours Market. Wander the charming shops, galleries, cafés, and restaurants in Canada for a taste of Europe. Old Montreal offers a wonderful glimpse into the city’s past and is considered one of the most scenic areas of this diverse metropolis.

Historic sites in Quebec City, like the Chateau Frontenac

Frontenac Castle in Old Quebec City

Château Frontenac is an iconic landmark in Old Québec City, built in the late 19th century as one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. With its steep copper roofs, towering turrets, and imposing stonework, this imposing historic castle looms over the St. Lawrence River and Old Québec’s cobblestone streets. Serving as a luxurious hotel and epicenter of the Old City, it exemplifies the city’s French colonial heritage and architecture. Meandering through adjacent Dufferin Terrace offers sweeping views of the river below.

Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia

Skiers on a hill of Blackcomb, Whistler

Whistler Blackcomb offers some of the best spring skiing and snowboarding in North America during March. With over 8,000 skiable acres across two mountains, Whistler has incredible terrain for all ability levels. The weather is warmer, but the snowpack is still deep. You can enjoy stunning alpine scenery and long spring days on the slopes before the season ends in April. Après ski comes alive with outdoor patio parties and events like the World Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Mount Royal Park in Montreal

Mount Royal Park is a sprawling urban green space located right in the heart of Montreal. It offers beautiful panoramic views of the city, refreshing outdoor recreation, and a chance to experience nature without leaving town. Hike, bike, or stroll any of the park’s over 40 miles of trails, and keep an eye out for local wildlife around Beaver Lake and other peaceful natural retreats just steps from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal

Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal
Notre-Dame Basilica, a grand neo-Gothic church completed in 1829, is one of Montreal’s architectural treasures. With its ornate carvings, intricate stained glass windows, and dazzling blue ceiling dotted with golden stars, the basilica is truly a feast for the eyes both inside and out. As one of Montréal’s most visited attractions, it offers an opportunity to take in a Quebecois religious landmark and admire some of the country’s finest 19th-century craftsmanship.


As the cold winter fades, March in Canada comes alive with maple sugar shacks, winter sports, wildlife sightings, cultural events, and the promise of spring. The still chilly but warming weather in Canada in March makes it an ideal time to experience this transition without the crowds and heat of summer.

With stunning natural beauty and unique March events across the country, Canada invites you to enjoy all the magic this month has to offer.

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