Saskatchewan: A Visit to Manitou Lake and Exciting Things To Do

Saskatchewan province has over a thousand lakes in Canada, but this saltwater lake is unusual. Manitou Lake’s water is so dense with salts and minerals that it has a specific gravity 10% higher than regular water. That means it’s buoyancy is so accurate that you can’t drown even in your dreams. Nestled in the heart of Saskatchewan, Manitou Lake beckons with its serene beauty and a plethora of things to do in Manitou’s Lake making it one of the must-visit adventure places in Canada.

Experience the healing power of these strange and legendary waters, which are said to have healed left-for-dead Cree warriors during a terrible smallpox epidemic. Since then, the water has been revered.

The water in Lake Manitou is comparable to the Dead Sea in Israel, but it’s in Saskatchewan, making it much more accessible to Canadians. It’s also much less well-known. It contains magnesium, sulfate, potassium, calcium, silica, sulfur, and iron oxide, among other things. This means it can help with skin issues, allergies, aching joints, and the immune system.

About Manitou Lake

Manitou Lake

Manitou Lake is a salt-water lake in Saskatchewan, Canada, mostly in the RM of Manitou Lake No. 422, about 10 kilometers from the provincial border with Alberta. The lake’s eastern shore is located in the Hillsdale No. 440 RM. Manitou Lake is located in the Prairie Pothole Region of North America, which spans three Canadian provinces and five U.S. states. It also falls under Palliser’s Triangle and the Great Plains ecoregion.

Eyehill Creek at the lake’s southern end provides the primary inflow. Also thanks to numerous small meltwater tributaries that feed the lake in the spring. Eyehill Creek arrives from Sounding Lake, which is located in the adjacentAlberta.This Lake is itself fed by Sounding Creek. A closed basin watershed includes Manitou Lake and its tributaries. When the lake level rises sufficiently, it overflows to the north via Wells Lake near Marsden and then into Battle River, a tributary of the North Saskatchewan River. This has only happened once since European settlers first arrived in the area, in about 1905.

Things To Do in Manitou Lake

1. Manitou Park Lake Trail

Birds in Manitou lake Park

The Manitou Park Lake Trail is a 2.4-mile loop that circles the entire 5-acre lake. Walking, hiking, running, and biking are among the main activities available on the trail. The trail is mostly flat and suitable for hikers of all skill levels. The trail is ideal for visitors who are unfamiliar with altitude because the elevation gain is only about 150 feet. To get to the main trail, start at the Pavilion and walk towards the lake, where you’ll find the trail near a small dock. From here, head south and hike along the lake’s western shore. Near Trout Creek, you will cross a small footbridge. This area is rich in wild grasses, birds, and small wildlife.

2. Swim in the gravity-defying lake

The lake is salty, very salty– and much more buoyant than fresh water. It makes you swim effortlessly with your back downwards – as if you are reading a book under the sky. It is an amazing lake that will not let you drown but keep you floating. Swimming is a unique experience in Canada’s Dead Sea.

3. Paddleboarding Adventures at Manitou Lake

Paddleboard Manitou Lake

Because of its high salt and mineral content, Little Manitou Lake is known as Canada’s Dead Sea. The lake was formed during the last ice age and is unique to the northern hemisphere. But floating and reaping the benefits of the water aren’t the only things to do. You can also sign up for paddleboard tours on the lake, adding an extra layer of excitement and a memorable experience in Canada. Meanwhile, Wreck Beach, renowned for its stunning coastal beauty, is also considered the best place to visit in Vancouver, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure along its picturesque shores. These two destinations together promise a diverse and unforgettable experience. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

In the afternoon, you can get ready for the adventure by putting on lifejackets and paddleboards. You can paddle across the lake for a kilometer and land on a sandy beach near a rock formation at the base of the valley hills. The rock design, which was created years ago by a local, has become an iconic feature of the lake.

You can have a nice picnic on the beach for the next hour and then explore the rocks and swim in the lake. Oda Coffee + Wine Bar supplies the charcuterie board, which includes a great selection of meats, cheeses, crackers, and a fresh salad with dressing. Mini cheesecakes with berries on top are a delicious dessert with which you can end this delectable picnic.

4. Have a Fun Night at the Drive-In

Manitou is home to one of the province’s last remaining drive-in movie theaters, one of only four in the province. A summer weekend spent under the stars watching old movies is a must-do. It’s also a fun outdoor activity to do with friends.

Back up your SUV and pop the hatch to catch a double-feature of two cult classics. It’s especially lovely at twilight, when the sun sets, or if you’re lucky enough to see a lightning show.

On Sundays, the drive-in parking lot transforms into a local flea market, attracting a variety of vendors from the surrounding area.

5. Take a Farm Tour

some houses and surrounded by trees

Watrous and Manitou have teamed up with Evergreen Woodcrest Farms (Lesley from High Heels & Canola Fields, if you’re familiar) if you’ve ever wanted to visit a real grain farm.

Lesley, her husband, and her brother will show you around their fields of wheat, lentils, and cover crops. Then you can return to their farmyard and inspect all of their machinery, as well as make flour from wheat and lentils to take home! As a hands-on activity, you can also learn how to test the moisture of their canola.

In true Saskatchewan fashion, end the afternoon with a large meal catered by Oda Coffee + Wine Bar, which includes garlic mashed potatoes, roast beef, cold salads, and rhubarb cake.

6. Manitou Lake: Biking and Running Bliss!

Check out Centennial Trail if you’re looking for an epic mountain biking or running trail. This 14.7-mile trail begins in Woodland Park and concludes at Manitou Lake.

You can also choose to travel the trail one-way for 7.3 miles because it is rarely used most of the year. The trail is best used from May to October, and it is suitable for hikers of all skill levels due to its flat terrain. The trail is frequently visited by deer and other wildlife. And be prepared for a steady incline back to the city center on the way back.

7. Explore the Manitou Lake Art Gallery

Manitou Lake Art Gallery

Little Manitou Art Gallery is a welcoming and creative place owned by Sarah Mcken where you not only get to explore the unique property but also engage in a little adventure!

Discover the stunning artwork by over 250 Saskatchewan artists which are displayed for sale in five pavilion galleries. Have fun wandering around the gallery, taking in some live music performances, indulging in hands-on ARTivities, and much more.

Open year-round, you will be greeted by a variety of guest artists in pop-up venues; musicians and other artists share the outdoor stage and your little ones are always invited to explore and enjoy while playing the ‘Count the Artwork in the Garden’ game before they get to choose a free gift from the old treasure box.


One of the best attractions near Canada, Manitou Lake is a must-visit place for its interesting features. Explore fascinating and unique facts about Canada that make it truly special! Tourists from all over the world flock to immerse in its healing water and float like paper. It’s a fun excursion.

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