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Best 10 Experiences in Canada

Soaring peaks, shimmering lakes, jaw dropping waterfalls, rolling farmlands and abundant wildlife – Canada is an inspiration for discerning travelers and has brilliant outdoor outing options for its guests. Blessed with nature’s breathtaking wonders, a medley of cultural diversity and fantastic culinary scene, Canada is a must see for all those who love to wander and discover new experiences. Here are our ten best experiences to checkout on your Canada trip.

1. Capture the invigorating sights of the Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

The Canadian counterpart of the famous Niagara Falls gets its name “The Horse Shoe Falls” from its naturally created shape. Canada’s most famous falls and a must visit entry on every visitors bucket list, the experience gives you a chance to get close to the torrential mighty fall’s base on  the Maid of the Mist cruise as well as a 360 degree bird’s eye view of this exhilarating natural wonder from the top of Skylon Tower.

2. Enjoy a slice of Poutine


A lip-smacking fusion of many wonderful flavours and textures in one bowl – Poutine is a classic Canadian snack prepared mostly with meat based gravy, French fries and cheese with a variety of toppings and sauces. One of Canada’s proud creations in the culinary scene, Poutine is a fast-food dish which can be savored anytime anywhere as it is found in most street stalls and restaurants across Canada.

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3. Feel the thrill of a Bungee jumping experience

If you want a break from the sightseeings and crave an adrenaline rushing adventure on your Canada travel, bungee jumping is a great way to fulfil your wish. Though Bungee jumping is not widely spread in Canada as an adventure sport, it does provide you with some of the best bungee jumping sessions in the country with a view to remember. The Great Canadian Bungee – the highest in the country is located at the cliff edge that drops down to a deep aqua lagoon surrounded by limestone walls, is a perfect option for adventure lovers. Go ahead and plunge down toward the icy rivers of Whistler while taking in the amazing landscapes or hurl yourself from a roof of a mall at Alberta- one of the world’s unconventional indoor bungee jumping sites giving you a twist of adventure in your otherwise serene Canadian vacation.

4. Fill up your appetite at Montreal’s food scene

Montreal’s food

Montreal has some of the best culinary features and is coming up as one of the favorite destination among food lovers. Montreal offers a multitude of cuisine options including international dishes and Canadian classics .With new talents and famous chefs opting Montreal as their culinary destination,  the city has an assorted chain of restaurants popping up making Montreal a rapidly and ever-changing food hotspot. So grab a smoked meat sandwich or sink in your teeth into some tasty treats such as the Montreal Bagels and Poutine while touring the city of Montreal on your Canada vacation.

5. Discover the Columbia Ice Fields

Columbia Ice Fields

The Canadian Rockies opens up a world of intriguing sights and the Columbia Icefields is one among its breathtaking scenery. Surround yourself with stretches of glaciers in surreal icy hues and set out on a glacier adventure of your lifetime with a glacier walk where you can explore the vast glaciers, stop at the Athabasca Falls and visit the Glacier Skywalk where you walk on to a glass bottom observation platform suspended high above a glacier valley to view a heart thumping yet exciting views of the valley.

6. Set off on a polar bear safari near Churchill, Manitoba

Polar Bear Safari, Churchill, Manitoba

A great way to encounter polar bears is at Churchill – known as the polar bear capital of the world, having the highest concentration of polar bears. A trip to Churchill will leave you with so many astounding sights and offers you a great time wandering and viewing polar bears in their natural habitat – a truly amazing experience to cherish for a lifetime.

7. Try a Nanaimo bar

Nanaimo bar

Canada’s famous dessert – The Nanaimo Bar is an all time favourite among locals and is a no bake dish made up of wafer base layer topped by a rich layer of various flavoured butter icing, covered with melted chocolate. A beloved treat of the Canadians, try out this delicious treat on your Canada tour.

8. Relax at natural hot springs in the Canadian Rockies

Natural Hot Springs in the Canadian Rockies

Another exquisite gem in the treasure trove of Canadian Rockies, mineral hot springs are perfect breaks on your Canada holiday to just unwind and have a relaxing soak that melts away your stress. There are plenty of hot spring resorts such as the Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park; The Banff Upper Hot Springs which are tucked away amid verdant forests, with picturesque backdrop of the rugged snow capped mountains. A dip in these mineral hot springs are therapeutic, natural stress relievers and is a great way to rejuvenate before proceeding with your onward exploration.

9. Explore Canadian vistas on a Rail Vacation

Canada Rail Vacation

There is no better way than train travel to explore the varied and changing landscapes of Canada. Journeying the country by train lets you admire the beauty of the Canadian Rockies with its alpine towns, renowned National Parks, rugged mountains and wilderness. Rail Vacations are a perfect way to tour the breathtaking Canadian vistas on a relaxing train trips which comes with different levels of services, lets you stay overnight at great accommodations and enjoy a hearty meal onboard.

10. Experience the European flair in Montreal and Quebec City

European flair in Montreal and Quebec City

Explore a slice of Europe here in Canada at European influenced cities of Montreal and Quebec. Referred as the Canadian Europe, Montreal reflects French charm in its cobblestone covered streets, quaint buildings and churches with French architecture featuring 18th century facades. Like Montreal, Quebec has a strong European flair in its ambience where this walled city is dominated by Baroque and Nouvelle France architecture and emphasised by the Chateau Frontenac. Both Montreal and Quebec are primarily French speaking cities and a visit to these enchanting cities enriches your travel experience with a compilation of French and Canadian culture, history and culinary variations.

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Breathtakingly beautiful Canada is a trip of a lifetime; Canada tourism encourages visitors from around the world to come and discover their pristine country. While you are short listing your selection of Canada attractions to explore, do take into account the necessary formalities to have an easy journey to Canada. While planning your trip, a valid passport and a proper valid visa is of foremost priority and if you get your visas done, a major aspect of your journey is covered. Usually those from USA do not need a visa to enter Canada; other countries that are exempted from applying for a Canada visa should have an Electronic Travel Authorization issued for travelling to Canada. To apply for a Canada visa, first you have to determine the type of visa needed for your travel and whether you require an electronic travel authorization. A temporary resident visa is usually required if you are visiting Canada as a traveler. Once you have decided the visa type, you need to apply for the same by filling up an application form, attaching required documents and photographs along with the visa fees and submitting all these for processing. Once all the documents and the forms are verified, you will be issued your visa and you are all set to go ahead to travel Canada.

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