Traveling to Canada in July? Weather Insights, Tips, and Things to Do

Do you dream of a summer getaway filled with breathtaking landscapes, colorful cities, and unforgettable adventures? Look no further than spending your July in Canada!

This huge and diverse country comes alive during the summer months, offering tourists and visitors the perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and cultural events. 

Whether you are looking for urban excitement or want to explore the path not taken, Canada has something for every person.

Ok, so let us dive into what makes July an ideal time to visit the Great White North.

Weather Overview

Now, if you are planning a trip, then the first thing that you need to understand is the July weather in Canada. July is the peak of summer across the country, with warm and generally pleasant conditions in all the regions. 

Here is what you can expect:

Temperature Range:

Average daytime highs: 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F)
Average nighttime lows: 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F)


Average rainfall: 60mm to 80mm
Rain days: 7 to 13 days


Average daylight hours: 15 to 16 hours
Sunny days: 20 to 25 days

Regional Variations:

Essential Travel Tips

To make the most of your July visit to Canada, here are some Travel tips for Canada in mind:

Book in advance: July is the peak tourist season, so you must book your accommodations and transportation a few months early.

Pack wisely:
– Light, breathable clothing
– Layers for cooler evenings
– Rain jacket or umbrella
– Comfortable walking shoes
– Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)

Be prepared for crowds: The popular attractions might be busy and crowded. So make sure to plan accordingly and consider visiting during off-peak hours.

Stay Hydrated: July is the peak summer season and so it is extremely hot. Therefore it is important to drink plenty of water especially if you are participating in outdoor activities.

Check Local Events: Before setting out on your adventure, go through the calendar to find out which city is hosting festivals and events in July.

Respect Nature: If you are exploring national parks or wildlife areas, follow Leave No Trace principles and be careful of wildlife security.

Try local cuisine: The month of July is a great time to enjoy fresh, locally-sourced food across Canada.

Learn Basic French: Knowing a few French phrases can help you in places like Quebec and some other regions.

Understand Tipping Culture: Tipping is customary in Canada, which is typically 15 to 20% in restaurants and for services.

Get Travel Insurance: Make sure that you have good travel insurance that can cover the expenses of staying in Canada.

Visa Information: For international visitors, getting a Canada visit visa is crucial. Here is what you need to know:

  • First, check whether you need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).
  • Gather important documents like:
    1. Valid passport
    2. Proof of funds
    3. Purpose of travel
    4. Ties to home country
    5. Letter of invitation (LOI) for Canada visit visa (if applicable)
    6. You can apply online or on paper, depending on your country of residence.
  • Pay the fee: The visa fee varies depending on the type of visa and processing time.
  • Provide biometrics: You might be instructed to give fingerprints and a photo at a visa application center.
  • Attend an interview: Some applicants may also be asked to attend a Visa interview.
  • Wait for processing: The processing time may vary, so please apply well in advance of your planned travel date.

Canada visit visa requirements will vary based on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. So go through the official Government of Canada website for the latest information before applying.

Exciting Things to Do in Canada in July

July offers a wealth of activities and experiences across Canada. Here are some top Things to do this July in Canada:

Explore National Parks

  • Banff National Park, Alberta
  • Jasper National Park, Alberta
  • Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia
  • Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

Attend Festivals

  • Calgary Stampede, Alberta
  • Montreal Jazz Festival, Quebec
  • Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal
  • Vancouver Folk Music Festival, British Columbia

City Experiences

  • CN Tower and Toronto Islands, Toronto
  • Old Quebec City, Quebec
  • Stanley Park and Granville Island, Vancouver
  • Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Outdoor Adventures

  • Kayaking in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
  • Hiking in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta
  • Whale watching in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

Cultural Attractions

Visit the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton and Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver.

Scenic Drives

There are several scenic drives in Canada like Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Sea-to-Sky Highway, British Columbia and the beautiful Viking Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Beach Days

  • Wasaga Beach, Ontario
  • Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver
  • Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island
  • Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario

Wildlife Viewing

Culinary Experiences

Wine tasting in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

  • Seafood feast in the Maritimes
  • Poutine sampling in Quebec
  • Farmers’ markets across the country

Unique Attractions

Must Visit Places in Canada in July


Lake Louise, Alberta

In Alberta, you can also hike stunning trails(through the Banff and Jasper National Parks), spot exotic wildlife, and enjoy the breathtaking mountain vistas. This is one of the popular things to do in Alberta.

  • There’s the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, where you can explore the dinosaur fossils.
  • The Banff Gondola or the Jasper Skytram offers panoramic views of the entire city.
  • For all the adventure lovers out there, there is white water rafting on the Kananaskis or Athabasca Rivers.
  • Lake Louise is the perfect picnic spot with its turquoise waters and surrounding peaks.
  • Calgary Stampede : At Calgary Stampede visitors will get to experience the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” with various rodeos, chuckwagon races, and live music.
  • Edmonton Mall: The province is also home to North America’s largest shopping and entertainment complex, West Edmonton Mall.


  • You can challenge yourself on The Three Sisters trail that offers stunning views.
  • If you are not up for adventurous hikes but still want to experience hiking, Grassi Lakes is an easy hiking trail. You can continue on the trail to finally see the beautiful, crystal-clear alpine lakes.
  • Tourists can browse local shops, galleries, and restaurants along the main street.
  • Guests can also try indoor or outdoor rock climbing with experienced guides.
  • Cave Tour is another adventurous things to do in Canmore where tourists can explore the fascinating Rat’s Nest Cave system.
  • There are several water activities to enjoy like canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding on the Bow River.
  • At the Canmore Nordic Centre, you will get to try cross-country skiing or mountain biking at this former Olympic venue.


A summer trip to the Great White North promises unforgettable experiences, from vibrant city life to pristine wilderness adventures. With comfortable temperatures, long daylight hours, and a wide variety of activities, July is the ideal time to explore this beautiful and diverse country.

Start planning your Canadian adventure today and prepare for a journey filled with natural wonders, rich culture, and warm hospitality!


What is the best way to get around Canada in July? 

Renting a car from a renowned dealer gives you the freedom to explore various landscapes. In cities, public transit is the best option. If you are planning to travel a long distance, you can try out domestic flights or scenic train journeys.

Are mosquitoes a problem in Canada during July? 

Mosquitoes are common in certain sections across Canada during the summer months. So use insect repellent, wear long sleeves in the evening (if you are going out), and also buy a mosquito net if you are planning to camp outside.

Do I need to book national park passes in advance for July visits?

We would advise you to book national park passes in advance, especially for Banff and Jasper. In this way, you can avoid long lines or disappointments.

What are some family-friendly activities in Canada during July?

Some of the top family-friendly things include visiting interactive museums, enjoying the water parks, attending local events, and exploring wildlife sanctuaries, and provincial parks.

Is it necessary to speak French when visiting Quebec in July?

French is the official language in Quebec. But most residents are bilingual. So, learning a few basic French phrases will help you blend in more, but it is not strictly required.

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