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How to Avoid Visa Rejection to Canada?

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Canada is a beautiful nation that provides travelers the opportunity of viewing some of the most amazing destinations across the world. This wonderful country also boasts of a cultural extravaganza that engulfs many different nationals in its fold. This makes travel to this country an enjoyable experience for people belonging to different countries and cultures. So if you too intend to travel to this beautiful land, getting hold of a Canada visa is a necessity.

Canada visa must be obtained by all those probable travelers who do not fall in the category of Canada Visa exempt nations. Apart from this, it is also quintessential to meet the rules of visa before one is issued a Canada visit Visa. So if like millions others you deem of setting your foot on the soil of one of the most beautiful nations of the world, you ought to take care of all the parameters. Make this an integral part of your Canada travel planning.

1.Completion of the application forms

Well, it sounds pretty simple, but the importance of filling up the application form correctly is a very important task to do. All the necessary information must be filled in correctly, providing all the necessary details, even the minutest of them all can’t be ignored, lest the application will amount to rejection of Canada visa. With your travel plans already set, you definitely do not intend to confront with a situation wherein you get a rejection for your visa application. So ensuring everything is performed to perfection is a necessity.

2.Authenticity of Information and Undersigning

All the information provided must be correct and the declaration regarding the same must be undersigned. Omitting either of the two could simply render the visa application canceled. The supporting documents should also be checked for authenticity and validity. Well, it goes without saying that authenticity is a necessity everywhere and when it comes to traveling to different nations, this gain more prominence. This is also necessary for avoiding any forceful entry into a new nation.

3.Sometimes Enough may not be Sufficient

In order to establish credibility, authenticity, and correctness, it is essential to submit as many supporting documents as possible. It is of paramount importance to say and prove that you are going to Canada either on a Canada tourist visa or Canada business visa. There must not be any scope and room for doubt that could suggest that you plan to stay longer. This is again a consideration of getting a forceful entry with wrong intentions and hence, visa officials too are very strict in this regards.

The next important point is to prove that you are financially independent and you also have sufficient funds to support your stay in Canada. Whatever documents are required to prove the above points, all need to be given to the visa officials. In fact, if there are also other supporting documents apart from the ones mentioned in the checklist, you can always attach those.

4.Cover Letter and Invitation Letter

It is also important that along with the application form, and other requisite documents that you need to submit, a cover letter bearing the purpose of your visit and itinerary details is also required. If the visit is official or business related, then the letter must be written on the company letter head only, failing which,  officials might also cancel your Canada trip.

If the visit is social, whereby you intend to meet and reunite with friends, kith and kin, you need to submit the letter of invitation that they have written, signed and sent across to you. The letter must bear all the relevant personal invitation about the host and also the intended traveler. It must be noted that the letter of invitation must be notarized by a notary body.

5.Documents of belonging to the home country

One utmost point to remember is that the intended traveler must in all possibilities provide the visa officials with all the necessary documents to show that you have enough reasons to come back to your own country on the expiry of your visa.

The documents that you provide to support this should prove that you have economic and social roots back in your own country, and have sufficient reasons to come back soon after the visa expires. The visit is only short term. The visa officer must be convinced of the same. If there is any doubt in the mind of the visa official regarding you not intending to come back to your own country, chances of Canada visa rejection are high.

It is also needed that the immigration consultant or the Canada tours and travels guide whom you hire must be able to aid you completely to embark on a Canada journey by following all the legalities, documentation process, irrespective of the purpose, which could be travel, work, study, or business.

So next time you plan a trip to Canada, or some of friend or family member wishes to go there on a business or vacation trip, then ensuring that all the above mentioned points are given prime importance. Availing of a Canada Visa is the primary aspect that every intended traveler needs to fulfill and hence, considering all the tips provided above are important to be followed.

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