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Depending on your chosen Canada visa package, one of the most inevitable requirements to obtain a visa is to schedule aCanada visa appointment for biometrics. This step comes after you receive a biometrics instruction letter upon submission of your visa application to the Embassy of Canada or the Consulate General of Canada in Dubai. At CanadaVisa.ae, our expert visa team will coordinate with the embassy and schedule your biometrics appointment, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Biometrics: Purposes and Benefits

Biometrics mainly indicate the fingerprints and photographs that are collected by the embassy to confirm the applicant’s identity. It is one of the key steps that determine the approval of your Canada visa. It is especially beneficial when applicants share the same name, birthplace, or birthday. It serves as one of the most authentic identity verification methods and makes your entry into Canada as smooth and stress-free as possible.

There are more benefits associated with biometric identification, such as:

Minimal Procedures : All you need to do during your biometrics appointment is submit your fingerprints and undergo a facial scan before they will be meticulously stored for verification purposes.

Enhanced Verification Efficiency : It is one of the distinct advantages of biometrics authentication, as the applicant’s fingerprints and photographs are the bona fide sources to ensure his identity. It prevents any kind of fraudulent or illegal activity, like entering Canada with a forged passport or other fake documents.

Quicker Visa Processing : As biometrics are irrefutable proof stating the applicant’s identity, it eliminates the risks and threats of security checks. All these allow you to obtain your Canada visa on time.

Is Appointment for Biometrics Mandatory for All Canada Visa Applicants

No, it largely depends on your Canada visa type. Apart from these, certain visa applicants are exempted from this procedure, mainly senior applicants over 79 years, kids under 14 years, etc.

Procedures Included in the Canada Visa Biometric Appointment

If collecting biometrics is mandatory for a Canada visa application, you must adhere to the following requirements for your Canada visa appointment from Dubai:

Biometric Fee Payment: You will be required to pay a fee (as stipulated by the embassy or consulate),along with your Canada visa application, to schedule the biometric appointment.

Receive the Biometric Instruction Letter: Once you submit your Canada visa application and pay the fee, the embassy will send an instruction letter with details about the biometric requirements and the appointment location.

Confirm the Appointment Date: Our specialists will help you schedule the appointment date based on your convenience and available time.

Preparation for the Biometric Appointment: Keep all the documents, including your valid passport and the biometric instruction letter, as you prepare to attend the appointment. You must also abide by all requirements as detailed in the letter.

Submission of the Biometrics: You must reach the location on time on the appointment day, where the officials (concerned) will capture your pictures and collect your finger prints to verify your identity and comply with security checks.

Top Tips to Take Into Consideration for Canada Visa Biometrics Appointment

It is highly advisable that you take note of the following points before attending the appointment for Canada visa:

  • You (the applicant) must show up for the appointment in person and should not send others (like friends or family) to attend it on your behalf.
  • Make sure you arrive at the appointment venue (detailed in the letter)on time or early, at least 20 minutes before the appointment.
  • Carry all the essential documents as required by the embassy officials, such as your original, valid passport, a copy of the biometric instruction letter, a copy of your Canada visa application, copies of the unique barcodes (that were generated after the submission of your visa application), and copies of your passport’s front and last pages.
  • In the case of applicants under 18 years old, they can be joined by only one parent or guardian during the appointment procedure.
  • Your face must be clearly visible in the photo, so those who use headgear must wear it in a way that doesn’t cover the facial features.
  • Don’t apply henna or related decorative things to your hands, as it may affect the clarity of your fingerprints.
  • It is also vital to ensure that your fingers don’t have any cuts or major wounds before submitting the fingerprints.


CanadaVisa.ae has a dedicated team of visa specialists to cater to your diverse Canada visa requirements, including the Canada tourist visa from Dubai. You, therefore, can be rest assured that they will take care of everything from assisting you in choosing the most appropriate visa package and compiling all the essential documents to scheduling the biometric appointment and ensuring the prompt approval of your Canada visa.