Canada Visa FAQs


  • Do I need a visa to enter Canada?

    Yes. All visitors from UAE traveling to Canada require a valid visa to enter the country.

  • Do I need to provide biometrics while applying for Canada visa from Dubai?

    Yes. From 2018, it has become mandatory for all applicants to provide biometric details - photographs and fingerprints when applying for Canada visa.

  • When should I apply if I am required to travel to Singapore with a visa?

    Visa application can be done one month prior to your travel to Singapore.

  • Do children require visa to visit Canada?

    Every person irrespective of age requires to hold a valid visa to enter Canada.

  • What happens after I submit my Canada tourist visa application?

    Once you submit your Canada visa online, our visa staff will guide you through the documentation process and make sure that all the documents related to Canada visa requirements are proper and complete. The application will be submitted on the following day for processing. Once your visa application has been evaluated, according to the decision taken, you will either get a visa stamped on your passport or otherwise get a rejection letter. After the process is completed, you will be notified to collect your passport.

  • What are the different types of Canada visa that I can apply for in UAE?

    The visa type depends on your duration and purpose of visit to Canada. For more information, contact our visa consultant at +971561147879 for extensive information regarding Canada visa types.

  • Can I apply for a Canada visit visa from any other country?

    Currently, only UAE clients can avail our visa services. You can inquire about the same at or contact us at +971561147879.

  • Why should I choose for my Canada visa application?

    Our main highlight is that we convert a cumbrous process into easy and convenient steps. With us, you get the idea of what exactly is needed for your Canada visa requirements and focus on quick and efficient visa processing methods. Also, with an efficient staff experienced in the visa field for years, we can resolve you Canada queries and assist you at every step of your visa application.

  • Is it possible to keep a track of my visa application’s progress?

    Yes. Once the visa application is submitted, our visa staff is at your disposal to convey the progress of your visa application. You can call at +971561147879 and get all the required details regarding Canada visa application progress.

  • Do I need to show a confirmed air flight ticket for Canada Visa?

    If you are visiting Canada, you will need to provide proof of your duration of stay and that you will return back to your country once your travel purpose is complete. So you can book your tickets before applying for a Canada visa. However, we recommend you to consult our visa specialist before confirming your flight tickets.

  • What is the duration of Canada visa application processing?

    Canada visa processing takes about 2 to 3 working weeks. However, the duration mostly depends on prompt submission and proper and complete documentation of the visa application.

  • How much is the Canada visa fee?

    For details regarding visa fees, please get in touch with our visa staff at +971561147879 or email at for related information and discussions.

  • Will the visa fee be refunded in case of a visa rejection?

    The visa fees are non-refundable. In the case of a visa rejection, the visa fee will not be reimbursed.

  • Is it possible that my Canada visa will be rejected?

    Granting a visa depends on accurate, authentic and complete visa documentation and procedures. If the procedures are dealt with properly and in order, then there are fewer chances of Canada visa rejection. Moreover, our services are specially crafted to guide you through each step of the Canada visa process so that everything is covered meticulously to avoid visa rejection.

  • In case of a visa rejection, will I get to know why I was denied Canada visa?

    Mostly, you will get a written letter that a visa is rejected. The reason for rejection, however, will not be disclosed.

  • Does a valid Canada visit visa guarantee my entry into Canada?

    Unfortunately, a valid visa does not promise you a guaranteed entry into Canada as the decision of who should be granted entry into the country solely lies with the immigration officers at Canada points of entry.

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