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Canada Business Visa

Canada strongly defines versatility and dynamism in their standard of living, which is well reflected in the impressive array of events, conventions, and fairs held across the country. The country encourages talent and new, innovative endeavors which are the reason that the country is among top favourites among new age entrepreneurs and professionals. A business visitor to Canada is a person who is travelling to Canada for a temporary period to seek new initiatives for the growth of their business, meeting with prospective clients, invest or promote in business relationships. Anyone travelling to Canada for business purpose temporarily needs to apply for Canada business visa or Electronic Travel Authorization depending on their citizenship. Here’s what you need to know regarding Canada Business visa.

Canada Business Visa Requirements

A Business visitor visa is required for those who visit Canada for:
  • Buying/ taking orders for Canadian goods and services for business in other countries.
  • Attending meetings, conferences and trade fairs.
  • Provide after sale services.
  • Is being trained by a Canadian company for work outside of Canada.
Requisites for a business visitor to Canada:
  • To be considered as a business visitor, the applicant should ascertain that the intended business travel is less than 6 months.
  • The nature of business does not have any plans to enter the Canadian labour market.
  • The main place of business, profit, and source of income should be located outside Canada.
  • Basic entry requirements should be met such as having a valid travel document, have sufficient funds for the stay in Canada, should return back to the home country at the end of the visit and should not have health-based inadmissibility, any criminal records or violation history.
The following documents should also be provided for acquiring Canada business visa:
  • A duly filled and signed application form with correct information, without any errors or omissions.
  • A valid passport with 6 months validity from the date of travel, and enough blank pages for visa stamping. Hand written passports will be rejected.
  • Two recent high-quality photographs with a dimension of 35mm x 45mm in full face front view in the white background. The applicant’s face should be in the middle of the photograph with size of the head - from chin to crown between 31 mm and 36 mm. Photographs must be clear, with neutral lighting and should not contain any markings. Applicant’s name and date of birth must be mentioned on the back of each photograph.
  • Letter of invitation from Canadian host company along with 24-hour contact details of the business host in Canada.
  • Other relevant documents such as contracts or service agreements if related to the visit
  • Proof of financial status to cover expenses during the stay in the country.
  • Documents that show strong ties to home country and to support that the applicant will exit Canada at the end of the stay and return back to home country such as return air tickets, bank statements, marital status certificate to name a few.
  • Visa Fee of CAD 100 per person
  • It is recommended to perform proper diligence checks on the potential business partner in Canada.
  • Any application with misleading or incorrect information will be rejected.
  • A valid visitor visa does not guarantee entry into Canada. A border services officer will scrutinize the documents and reason for a visit to Canada. They may find that the applicant is to be denied entry because of change in the cause of travel, or regarding any new or incomplete information. Moreover, the sole authority to decide whether a person is to be granted entry into Canada lies with the immigration department.
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