Explore The Rich History of Canada with Top Things to Do in Ontario

Ontario is one of the most popular provinces in Canada and there is plenty in store for all kinds of tourists across all age groups. With an array of natural and man-made attractions available to explore and discover, you will be never short of unique and incredible experiences during your Canada holidays. Ontario is surely going to offer you the best experiences in Canada.

Most Interesting Activities in Ontario for Your Next Historic Holiday

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

You cannot miss out on the Niagara Falls if you are in Canada. An awe-inspiring scenery which gives a true reflection of the raw power of nature. The brutal force of water can be experienced each second as you reach near the falls. Experts say that close to 739,682 gallons of water roars over the edge of Horseshoe Falls and falls into a violent pool which is 13 stories below. For a more intimate experience with the falling water, explore the tunnels behind the falls. This is one of the star Ontario attractions which you should never miss out. Your trip to Canada is probably incomplete without a trip here. The iconic Maid of the Mist provides a spray-soaked route to the tip of the Horseshoe Falls since the year 1876.

2. Ottawa


Popularly known as the seat of the Canadian government mainly considering the location of the regal buildings of the Parliament Hill, which is situated on a hilltop and offers stunning views of the Ottawa River. It is also an attractive capital to boot. The tourists and visitors can explore the Gothic government buildings as they tour the hill. The summer is home to the Mounties and the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony. Ottawa is pretty popular to its museums, the star lot being the National Gallery, the Canadian War Museum, the Museum of Civilization, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, and the Canadian Museum of Nature. With events occurring all-round the year make this place a cultural hub, you will never be short of things to do in Ottawa. The most popular festival being the Canadian Tulip Festival held in the spring season each year and the Winterlude Festival, which is termed as the world’s largest skating rink.

3. Algonquin Provincial Park

A gigantic lush green park spread over 7,800 square miles comprising of lakes and forests which are home to the Canadian ecosystem of bears, moose, wolves, and brook trout. Founded in the year 1893, you can either trek or hike along as you set to explore the 1,000 miles of canoe trails as you browse through an area of natural transition between the southern woodlands of birch, maple, and beech and the northern Ontario’s coniferous forests. The Arowhon Pines, a lakeshore resort literally pampers their guests within the surroundings of the park. Definitely one of the places to visit in Ontario.

4. Thousand Islands

Algonquin Provincial Park

In the downstream of St. Lawrence River, there are plenty of thousand free-filled islands which has resulted in an idealistic environment for swimming, boating, fishing, and scuba diving in the chilled but clear waters. Discover the magic of these beautiful islands as you browse through them on a kayak or your own boat or go on guided tours from Kingston. The Kingston city was at one time the British Provincial capital during the Britain Regime. The Kingston city is a stately limestone city which shares its borders with the United States of America, so do keep your passport handy whether you are traveling by land or sea.

5. Stratford Shakespeare Festival

Stratford Shakespeare Festival

An iconic theater group performs a play from the months of April to October each year on four different stages around a community. This festival is termed as the largest classical repertory theater in North America and the young and budding artists continue to impress tourists and locals alike each year with their enormous talent. The group is one of the main reasons why classical and contemporary theater is still in the memory of the people and an impressive audience turns up each year even after a century of performances. One of the places you should definitely not miss during your trip to Ontario.

6. Ontario’s Wine Route

Ontario's Wine Route

There are two main wine regions in Canada, one being the southern British Columbia and the other being Ontario. The warmer months is ideal for a wine tour in the vineyards on the Niagara Peninsula. The area is well marked with a wine trail and set beside the historic sites and graceful communities around Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, the place is not only blessed with abundant wine-tasting rooms but also with scenic farm landscapes. Although white wines count as a majority here, Ontario is popular for its icewines or Eiswein, which is also termed as Canada’s liquid gold.

7. Muskoka Cottage Country and Georgian Bay

Muskoka Cottage Country and Georgian Bay

Come home to experience the beautiful pine forests, clear blue skies, and crystal blue waters. A group of 7 Canadian artists have recreated the magic on canvas making it a popular among tourists and visitors. Many young and budding artists have tried to immortalize the old magic or even get inspired by the iconic artists. The inhabitants of the summer cottages are often left searching for the sun. The Georgian Bay is home to an array of around 30,000 beautiful islands. It’s blessed with historic towns and villages which offer the charm and elegance of a traditional village to the locals and tourists alike.

Ontario is a large area which is sparsely populated only in its northern regions. People do like to explore the wilderness by indulging in a scenic drive around the iconic shore of Lake Superior. Ontario not only offers stunning landscapes, there are plenty of adventurous activities to indulge in across all age groups. It all depends on your taste. Get in touch with our tour experts to know more about this scenic beauty which gives you an insightful detail into the rich history of Canada.

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